Silverchair (est. 1992): This Australian trio has been compared to Nirvana ever since its breakthrough single "Tomorrow" in 1994, and not always in a good way. Because of the band's Seattle-soaked sound (they were admittedly heavily influenced by Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden), they've been called "Nirvana imitators," "Nirvana clones," and "Nirvana rip-offs." Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns hasn't taken those accusations very well. In a 1999 issue of Metal Hammer, Johns said, "I think the main thing, although I can understand it, that really knocks me over the wrong side of the fence is the Nirvana comparisons." Silverchair garnered so much vitriol for their Nirvana-ness that they went out of their way to try and make an album (Neon Ballroom in 1999) that sounded as little like Nirvana as possible, ditching the gritty, verse-chorus-verse grunge formula for more experimental elements and complex songwriting. The band's last album, 2007's Young Modern, continues the band's morphing into its own sound, incorporating lush string arrangements, catchy pop hooks, and tricky chord progressions. Most critics hailed the album as a marker of Silverchair's maturity, but Pop Matters critic Nick Pearson still compared Johns to Cobain, saying the two share the "inability to write lyrics."

Smells like wishful thinking: Who'll take Cobain's place?
Smells like wishful thinking: Who'll take Cobain's place?

Torche (est. 2005): Who? The newest "next Nirvana" is a relatively unknown three-piece band from Miami, but that didn't stop their first label (Robotic Empire) from comparing their 2005 self-titled first album to Nirvana's 1989 album Bleach. Although the band is classified as "stoner metal" and "sludge metal" (genres that influenced Cobain but never really fit Nirvana's sound), some people are comparing Torche's musical prowess and innovation to that of Nirvana. In an interview with, guitarist Andy Williams from metalcore band Every Time I Die said, "They're going to change the course of music the way Nirvana did. I really believe that. They're the next wave of Nirvana." But Torche's second album, 2008's Meanderthal (released on prominent prog-metal label Hydra Head Records), is extreme doom metal, more along the lines of the Melvins (one of Cobain's favorite bands) than Nirvana. Meanderthal was ranked number one on Decibel Magazine's list of "Top 40 Extreme Albums of 2008," and also received favorable reviews from Spin and Pitchfork Media, suggesting that the band may be "the first Torche," rather than "the next Nirvana."

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Out of all of the impersonaters, Shaun Morgan Welgemoed does a hella good job of imitating Kurt Cobain's voice.

Samantha Vasquez
Samantha Vasquez

I don't think anyone can even come close to Nirvana.Kurt's music and lyrics are so heartfelt and original, they cant be replaced.

Gonuts McDie
Gonuts McDie

Nice headline! You do realise that by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun, Kurt Cobain quite literally 'shared his crown'.

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