It's ambitious of Urciuoli to offer so many seasonal dishes, but between those and the regular menu, he seems to be spreading himself too thin.

It was a welcome relief to tuck into scrumptious sweets like moist olive oil cake with raspberry coulis; flaky apple crostada with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream; and a chocolate tart filled with chocolate cream, sprinkled with sea salt, and teamed with a scoop of olive oil gelato. Still, they were perhaps a little too rustic. As with everything else here, I wished Prado would've pushed the envelope with desserts.

Beyond the food, I couldn't get over Prado's service — or lack thereof. I would've piped up about a lot of the issues, if only somebody would've taken the time to ask me how my dinner was. A few bites into the entrees, there were no servers in sight, and nobody showed up to clear the plates until well after the meal was finished.

Rice try: Prado's paella didn't pan out.
Jackie Mercandetti
Rice try: Prado's paella didn't pan out.

Location Info



4949 E. Lincoln Drive
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Category: Restaurant > Mediterranean

Region: Paradise Valley


Antipasto: $18
Chicken paella: $38
Wood-roasted bass: $25
Apple crostada: $8

Hours: open daily; breakfast 7 to 11 a.m., lunch 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., dinner 5:30 to 10 p.m. (to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday)
InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa
4949 East Lincoln Drive, Paradise Valley

At a place this fancy, I expect my water glass to stay full, the wine and cocktails to keep coming, the napkin to be folded when I get up from the table. Isn't that part of what I'm paying for? Prado should be special-occasion good, and it didn't come close.

Recently, I found out that Prado is attempting to fix its front-of-the-house problems by bringing Pavle Milic on board as the new general manager. Currently the GM at Digestif in Scottsdale, he's well known in the restaurant scene as a hospitality pro who makes every guest feel like a star.

I hope Milic cracks the whip at Prado. If so, I might consider giving this place another chance in a few months.

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Having read your review of the Prado and the review by the Phoenix Magazine whch were totally opposite we decided to try Prado and make our own determination. The evening couldn't have been more perfect. We sat on the patio overlooking the fountains. The service was excellent. Besides the maitre d', and our waiter there were two bus boys in attendance. We started with a salad and grilled shrimp. The salad was very good but the shrimp were outstanding. They were grilled with the right amount of charring and seasoned beautifully. Next we had the seafood Paella. The rice was not watery but perfect. The fish was tender and well seasoned. The Paella came in a cooking dish that was set next to us on a table. Our waiter served us our portions. For desert we had the hazelnut torte which was a creative delight. It had many layers one of which was an unusual rice pudding, one a hazelnut mousse and one a chocolate mousse. The coffee was excellent and the silver pot was left on our table and the wait staff refilled my companions cup. They had a nice variety of decaf teas which is unusual and I was delighted with my choice. Its hard for me to understand the awful review that the New Times gave to this delightful and elegant restaurant. We are glad that we went.


I wish I could say this was the only bad thing I've heard about Prado, but you seem to be confirming other experiences I've heard. Hopefully, they'll get things on track.