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Art for Starters Is a Startup Operation That’s Barely Gotten Started

"I found Ree through Craigslist," says Jensen. "She answered within a day of posting the ad, by which time I'd forgotten even doing it."

"I'm always looking through Craigslist," says Boado, who also heads the trance pop band Dearspeak. "He had something like 'looking for background singers, somewhat of an indie-rock choir.'"

Ashley Taylor was more direct. "I met [Jensen] when I was 17. I was a huge Before Braille fan. Two years ago, I stalked David on the Internet and he responded, 'I'm looking for some people to put this band together but, well, I'm in Korea for six months.' But then he contacted me when he came back."

"I'd heard Ashley before, because we would have these acoustic parties and Ashley had this incredible voice, so thanks for stalking me," says Jensen.

If the process of putting down songs like "Pinprick by Prick," "Better Best," and "Went to Church Instead" helped Jensen find his way musically and personally, it was up to the new band to reopen those wounds and help him reanimate those lowdown feelings. Seeing the band in a rehearsal setting or in a quick 20-minute set like the one they played at a recent Shizzfest, you see how much the as-yet-unrecorded band adds to already fully realized material. The urgency of Taylor's vocals is almost a barometer that Jensen has to match on every number. Boado's sweet voice and synth add the hymnal quality that painstaking overdubbing of the album can't approach. The rhythm section keeps things either in the pocket or out on the rails without ever falling over. Then you have brilliant flashes that aren't on the CD, like a circular Police-style riff from Cole and Marquez bowing his bass for a monolithic end to "Went to Church Instead."

Given that last title, it's easy to wonder whether the album was a musical 12-step program for Al-Anon families. Jensen shrugs, saying, "I definitely could have used some sort of program or support group at the time that I was writing songs for the record. I feel an obligation to learn to deal with the addictions of my loved ones, and help them, but I refuse to be an enabler as soon as I realize I'm being one. I don't know where that fits in the 12-step program, but part of my program is to not allow those 12 steps to be taken while I'm being walked on."

Sat., April 11, 7 p.m., 2009
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Sorry, I don't know much about this dave jensen guy or his music, but after reading the previous comment from "victim" I could not stop laughing my head off. What a freaking drama queen. Obviously there is something special to this dave guy to get others so riled up. and for that, I can't wait to buy his album and see what he's all about. Seriously, "victim", are you serious?!?

Oh and as a side note - anyone that BLAMES other people for their drug use is an idiot. and a loser.


"Dave Jensen is a terrible animal. I don't know if he's gone through the 12 steps yet, but he's never asked my forgiveness. I was always one of those who thought �oh, he�s just passionate� or �he�s just an emotional guy� when I saw anonymous internet posts attacking him. He is and always will be a victim of his own misdoings, because he relishes being a victim. It�s how he controls us. If you would like to talk about co-dependence, ask those around Dave what it�s like when he loses his temper. How often does it happen? How do they deal with it? They bury their heads and say it�s about the music. They pretend like he�s not a pitiful child who controls his surroundings with big talk of rockstardom and pseudo-ingenuity; a veritable Jim Jones of terrible songwriting. They also, apparently, start doing drugs. This is co-dependence. This is enabling, denying that the problem exists, using unhealthy coping mechanisms, hiding true feelings as to not upset the tyrant, Dave.He more or less asks, �Why does everyone I know get ruined by drugs?� The answer is, because you pitch them an unrealistic lifestyle that is unattainable through music that is as bad as yours is. When these expectations aren�t met, you deal with it through rage, alcohol, and more delusion, while they deal with it through drugs. Are you better than them? Are you superior because you turn to Mr. Hyde instead of a joint? �Oh you�re such a pained soul.� No, you are a self-absorbed perpetual teenager who uses other peoples� pain to feel sorry for yourself, or worse yet, you use other peoples� pain so that others feel sorry for you. What a waste of everyone�s time you are. The pain you feel is the pain that you bring on yourself by alienating those who do not enable you. I do know the 12 steps, and �pretending like you are angry at other addicts� is not one of them.Sadly I do not speak for everyone, but hopefully everyone else will not have to learn how false you are the same way that I, and a handful of others did. Give up Dave, you are terrible."

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