The Sorrow and the Pithy

Find nuggets amid the droppings at ASU Art Museum

Filmmakers are often perceived as supreme pricks, especially the ones who make short films in college. What kind of person casts an alarm clock as the main character or uses an alternating flushing/moaning input as the soundtrack? Maybe they wouldn’t submit us to such cruelty if only Daddy had taught them how to tie their shoelaces.

Then again, there are always golden nuggets amid the droppings, and you’ll certainly find some at the always worthy ASU Short Film & Video Festival. A number of Phoenicians are participating in this year’s fest, including Sean Christensen, Robert Kilman, and Safwat Saleem, along with other short-subject artistes from across the country and Germany.

Sat., April 18, 8 p.m., 2009
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