Not that the assault did much to hurt Greydon's popularity. Says one British guy in a YouTube video: "If Grey did beat up Brian Sapient, I don't really care that much. All I care about is that Greydon Square, one of the most amazing rappers I've ever heard, continues making the amazing music he does . . . The geezer is fucking genius."

Actually, after listening to Greydon's records released before and after the split, it's clear the episode helped Greydon evolve. The Compton Effect, which came out before the split with Sapient, whom other even atheists have called a cult leader and compared to David Koresh, is almost entirely about atheism. The C.P.T. Theorem, on the other hand, branches into other political and philosophical territory, with extraordinary results.

"It never ceases to amaze me that when people join a group, they just accept the group position on everything. And I did that, with the Rational Response Squad. I accepted their methods and I accepted their beefs," says Greydon.

Though Greydon is still "that atheist rapper," he also takes on group home life, the war in Iraq, and race relations. "N Word," following the format of an infamous Chris Rock routine, is as bold a statement as you'll hear from a contemporary rapper. Predictably, Greydon raps, "Niggers believe in God; black people don't." But he gets much more provocative: "A nigger blames white people for slavery, a black knows it was Africans who sold black people into slavery."

That's ground few rappers are willing to tread, but, after tackling the biggest question in the universe, Greydon seems comfortable going there. He seems comfortable going pretty much anywhere, actually, even if it means offending the elderly white liberals at his shows.

"The fundamentalist atheists are not safe, either," he says. "To me, if you run around and you treat non-belief like a religion, then I've gotta get at you, just because you're making everyone else look bad."

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Transexual Tally
Transexual Tally

Great music. Greydon Square and I would mess around. I miss him. Ts Tally


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Greydon Square is a lackluster rapper that will never break into the mainstream

KC Jones
KC Jones

If anybody is interested in speaking with Greydon, for any reason. Send inquiries to


Brett Bazaar
Brett Bazaar

Greydon Square is, probably, the most intelligent rapper of our time. He will never go mainstream because of ignorant people thumping bibles that they have never read. Greydon going mainstream would be the greatest thing that could possibly happen for rap.


I completely agree. I would love to see this guy go 'mainstream'. The general public are the ones who need the biggest wake-up call.


Everyone thinks he's this great rapper because he is rapping about something they like. He is far from "lackluster" but just as far from the greatest. And comparing him to Baba Brinkman is a joke. Baba is nowhere near at the level of lyricism that Greydon is at. The only comparison would be that Baba is smart and raps about the same type of stuff which is where the comparison ends. And I Like Baba. In the world of underground HipHop Greydon is just another intelligent MC that knows how to rhyme multi-syllabically. He's dope. But if you listen to enough HipHop then you know there is nothing unique about him. Despite the BS on mainstream radio HipHop is naturally intelligent music.

An Intellectual Rap Fan
An Intellectual Rap Fan

Very cool article! I never even realized he lived in my city! Greydon Square is one of my favorite rappers and in my own opinion the only person to hold a candle to him is Baba Brinkman.

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