The second error was that the Arizona Department of Gaming did not find that Club Royale was making $550 an hour off of one table; that was ADOG's estimate of what was made off of the entire room, with (I believe) six tables going at once. Even casinos, with their exorbitant "rake," don't make $550 an hour off of one table.

Thanks for the great coverage of what we do here, and I hope that some of your readers will come and check us out!
Christine Korza, Poker Nation, Phoenix

The federal government is the paternalistic one: I agree with Harold Lee that poker should be allowed by the state. What a waste of taxpayer money to go after him for his poker rooms!

And, come on, why should Native Americans have this cash cow exclusively anymore? Must we as a nation continue to feel guilt about the Indians after all these decades? Must we push out even small poker rooms so that the tribes can enjoy their monopoly?

You accuse Lee of being paternalistic toward the Indians when it's really the federal government that's guilty of that.
Peter King, Tucson

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