A metal musician thrashes our music editor: I was really thrown for a loop by your music editor's review of our CD, Saintanic. Is it really fair to have a person who doesn't like metal reviewing metal albums?

I have been asked by a couple of magazines to be a music reviewer, but the reason I haven't done so yet is because I don't want to criticize other bands' music while I am still in a band myself.

However, even if I thought a band or CD totally sucked, I wouldn't be so brutal about it. Every band has feelings, friends, and fans. Who am I to put myself above anyone else? If I didn't care for an album, I would say it's not my thing, but that I'm sure there are people out there who might enjoy this music.

Seven months ago, St. Madness made the Best of Phoenix issue, and now a new music editor, who obviously knows nothing about us or the metal scene here, comes in and unfairly trashes us.

Does this man have any idea how much time, money, and blood, sweat, and tears these local bands put into their records?

He also didn't take the time to read the liner notes etc., because he got his facts wrong [in the original online version of his review] about the cover we did of Ozzy's song "Crazy Train" — as Martin called it a Black Sabbath cover. Then he added that The Velvet Underground wrote the other cover song we did on the record, "Cocaine." Actually, J.J. Cale wrote "Cocaine"; we know because we had to pay royalties to get the licensing to do the song. Only after I (nicely) made Martin aware of [these factual errors] did he change what he wrote [online and for the print version of the story].

He said in his review that St. Madness falls short of many local, young thrash-metal bands. There are very few thrash-metal bands left, so this statement was from a place of ignorance. Most young metal bands nowadays play death metal, not thrash. Thrash is totally old school. Martin is unqualified to review anyone's music unless it's the kind of music he's into.

Over the years, New Times has been very good to us, and we thank you very much for that. Long live New Times!
Prophet, vocalist, St. Madness, Scottsdale

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