Passion Show

Got a clean conscience? You’ll have a good time.

We learned long ago that the only real justice in this world is a clean conscience and a good time, and that’s what’s on tap at Da Una Mano/Give a Hand: Fashion Meets Social Justice, a fundraiser for the clean conscience/good-time gals at Las Otras Hermanas, an anti-poverty group that stumps for economic empowerment based on fair-trade practices.

The “good time” part of the equation includes a fashion show; music by the Party Foul DJs, Djentrification, and Vanessa Atalanta; dance by Scorpius and Dulce; art by Elizabeth Schneider and ASARO (the Oaxacan Assembly of Revolutionary Artists); and an appearance by Phoenix’s Ali Vincent, the first female winner of TV’s The Biggest Loser.

Sat., May 16, 7 p.m., 2009
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