To take the point further, I think a hipster is interested in associating himself with something one can't judge solely on the basis of its entertainment value, a notion that is contrary to a hipster's aesthetic.

At most of the hipster-friendly shows I attend, I don't see anyone having "fun" in the traditional sense. Mostly, I see serious faces, the occasional smile, the nodding of a few heads. Not once have I seen anyone "rock out" — at least not like I did at DMB's show, where a group of joyful dancers formed spontaneously in the aisles, scattering only when security waved flashlights at them.

Take those joyful dancers to the other show I saw last week, banjo-playing bluesman William Elliot Whitmore's brilliant performance at Chyro Arts, and they're likely to be under-whelmed — not because they lack the capacity to appreciate the music but because they won't experience all the "fun" they're used to: tailgating, dancing, jamming.

Dave Matthews Band: They're jammin', hipsters are hatin'.
Jonathan McNamara
Dave Matthews Band: They're jammin', hipsters are hatin'.

The fans I met at the Dave Matthews show couldn't give a shit about the critical stuff, supremely confident that fun would conquer all. Talking to the die-hards tailgating in the parking lot of Cricket, I sensed no pretension, even as I expressed my distaste for Dave Matthews.

"Do you like to get drunk, smoke weed and have fun?" a 27-year-old Chandler man asked. "Then you'll like this show."

He was wrong, of course, but that was my issue, not his. He made the mistake of thinking I was at the show to have fun. I wasn't. Not this time, anyway. But, as Wilco has shown me, having my favorite three-minute songs transformed into seven-minute jams ain't so bad. Actually, it's pretty fun.

Now, if I can just find a few DMB songs I like.

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you are a god damn fool. if wilco is a jam band, i am the bridegroom of jesus christ.

the guuy
the guuy

Man harsh review lol. I feel like your taking you music a little to serious. What happened to being lighthearted and loving? Dave Matthews is an amazing artist and a really cool person in real life if you actually did ur research. And the band that plays along side him are nothing short of pure talent. Dave fans know how to have fun... I dont think they deserve such a bashing lol. Relax and learn to have fun man, It will do you some good.


Dave Matthews Band, sometimes shortened to DMB, is an American jam band formed in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1991. The founding members were singer-songwriter and guitarist Dave Matthews, violinist Boyd Tinsley, bassist Stefan Lessard, drummer Carter Beauford, and saxophonist LeRoi Moore. has prime tickets to DMB 2010 tour showcasing their new award winning album,Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King.For DMB tickets band


What are you talking about? I've seen plenty of hipsters at a Wilco show...and I'm a meathead.


you lost me when you wrote that Wilco is a jam band. what?


sorry didn't do that. but Actually i did start interpreting the lyrics of Wilco (the album) and posted them to

I really did not mean to be that harsh on Dave. especially as a musician. can not and would not try to slam and anyone as far a musical talent. they are all much better than I; but only from the perspective of a listener. In retrospect I was just trying to rip on this guys bad article. to paraphraze what i was trying to say, DMB- Entertainment Wilco- Art.


"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture" - Frank Zappa

Wilco rules DMB sucks!

I don't understand was this article the result of New Times essay contest open to area high school freshman? I seriously hope you didn't get paid for this Op-ed (?), ego stroke?,...word vomit?

Congratulations! You and all your friends like Wilco. wow, great, spectacular. I like wilco too. I bet it was quite the quandary for some like you when those VW ads came out. Did you run to Pitchfork to see what every one else thought too? You don't have to like Dave. To each his own. but you better well fucking respect him. "Shoddy song writing"? Sweet mother of MosesAre you a musician? Doubtful. If you are I bet it is on the same level as writer, which means you can play the the beginning of stair way to heaven, but have to stop a few times to get it right.

Stop name dropping buzz bands and thinking you have an ear to the scene. You are nothing but a snob.

I could continue on and turn this into a musical knowledge pissing contest, but you'd have to google about every band I mention. My scene is so hip and underground its me in a closet in my basement.

Jonathan Jacobsen
Jonathan Jacobsen

Your article seems to go all over the place. Your analysis is terrible. You separate "fun" from analyzing. When in-fact to many, this is the most fun part. People running around in "dance circles" may be fun for them but not to people who are there to connect with the performers. There is a difference in participating in a cohesive and conscious musical experience rather than being black-out partying. Both of which are fun but one doesn't require you to pay $50 to go do so. You can be black-out partying anywhere, you can only see a live Wilco show at a live Wilco show. I had a tough time following your thought process in this article so it would not surprise me that you can't understand the vital differences in these performers. Please never so grossly elevate dave matthews to near Jeff Tweedy status again. That's like comparing Mick Jagger to Bob Dylan AKA- Good performer V. God.

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