Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, May 21, 2009


It only makes sense: "Ja, Joe!" was interesting and seems reasonable and reasoned. It's only logical that neo-Nazis would gravitate toward someone who, in large measure, shares their agenda. How far the MCSO has gone to gratify these slime buckets is surprising, but not too much.

It would be interesting to see what happens, should some of these redneck Nazi thugs really get out of hand. Given their proclivity for toting guns and provoking confrontation, it may be only a matter of time.
Joe Curwen, via the Internet

When will the rest of the media wake up?: There is a very disturbing trend in Maricopa County law enforcement that seems to have escaped the eye of all major media other than New Times. The list of political opponents or critics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andy Thomas who have been arrested, jailed, intimidated, and, later, exonerated continues to grow.

Jim Cozollino, Nick Tarr, Michael Lacey, Jim Larkin, Dan Pochoda, Monica Sandschafer, Kristy Theilen. All were critical of the sheriff. All were arrested for misdemeanors [for which people are] usually cited and released. [Some] were taken to trial by Thomas, who threw the full resources of his office into trying to get a conviction.

And in every case, the accused was found innocent and the charges were dismissed. The extra-constitutional abuse of police power is appalling. The resources wasted (hundreds of hours of County Attorney and deputy time in each case) trying to get misdemeanor convictions is astounding.

When will the major media wake up and bring this police-state abuse to the attention of the ignorant masses, who still believe that Joe Arpaio is "America's toughest sheriff" and not a corrupt Third World thug?
Chad Snow, Peoria

Joe's picture says it all: Well, that picture of Joe Arpaio with the neo-Nazi says it all. If anybody ever wondered how he felt about bigots who condone the murder of millions of Jews during World War II, about neo-Nazi thugs and murders, you need not wonder anymore.

Joe Arpaio is who we thought he was — a dictator who may as well be wearing an SS uniform. The other "jackboot" has indeed fallen.

Thanks to Stephen Lemons for putting all the pieces together. His "Ja, Joe!" story makes it frighteningly clear what's going on in this county.
Jennifer Bradley, Tempe

An extremist speaks his mind (and says "scum" a lot): Here is the truth on the matter: Sheriff Joe came to us [neo-Nazis] first. We moved to the far corner of the sidewalk to make sure that we were the first people the illegal scum [Walk for Respect marchers on May 2] saw. He came over to us first because of where we were placed.

The sheriff has no right to tell anyone not to support him [as his detractors want him to do] based on [neo-Nazis'] First Amendment rights. The sheriff is not a National Socialist, or a White Nationalist. He was hired to uphold the law, and he is doing so everyday.

What I really said to him was: "Sheriff, you have been protecting us for years now. You have had our back; now we have yours."

Thousands of street-walking scum were marching, calling for him to step down.

I am not going to sit idle as an American. He is an elected official. None of these scum voted for him. He was elected to uphold the law. Maybe these street-walking scum should become legal and vote him out of office the legal way?

There is no conspiracy. However, police do speak with us on a regular basis. Because we explain to them that we are not what you think. We tell them that the law is what we are most concerned about following. I am a member of a lawful, legal, approved non-profit civil rights group.

We show the greatest respect for our police officers who protect our streets, and they show us respect back.
Thomas Coletto (a.k.a. Vito Lombardi), neo-Nazi, Scottsdale


Leave Craigslist alone: Come on, these murders are not the fault of Craigslist! Any idiot should see that. All the Connecticut attorney general is trying to do is latch onto something that will give him maximum publicity — Joe Arpaio-style.

Yeah, old Richard Blumenthal is just a Democratic Party version of our illustrious sheriff (minus the criminal cruelty, of course): a publicity hound. You know that a guy with Blumenthal's pedigree knows there's no way to keep freaks and perverts from advertising on a site like Craigslist.

That Blumenthal got any sort of concession out of Craig Newmark and his company is remarkable. I would've told him to go to hell.

This is not to say that I don't feel sorry for the people who died, especially that poor kid looking for a babysitting job [Katherine Olson]. But in the case of the "masseuse," who was really a prostitute, she was in a dangerous business to begin with. A john could go crazy and harm or kill her at any time. The radio reporter was into very freaky stuff, and he allowed himself to be the victim of somebody who really liked to get his freak on.

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Andrew Ayers
Andrew Ayers

Travis, I don't know where you live, but here in the real world, just about everywhere is potentially dangerous. If it isn't the possibility of being mugged in the city, it's the possibility of being attacked by an animal in the country. Adults realize this, and take personal protection and awareness of their surroundings accordingly.

As far as Craigslist being a hotbed of vice and prostitution, nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe if you would click out of the adult section and get your hand off your dick you would notice a bunch of other sections geared toward buying and selling a whole host of other things (personally, I've bought two saws, a GPS receiver, and a refrigerator from very nice people on there).

If you are seeing vice everywhere, it isn't the CL's fault, buddy.

Johnny Transistor
Johnny Transistor

To: An Ed It Or THE

I was lying on the hood of my heap, in a Manhattan Beach parking lot. The one that looks out over the pier and on a hot day smells like melting asphalt, drying sand, french fries and concentrated piss. Yeah, its next to a bar and near the public facilities. But I ignored all of that with the help of Lucky Number 6, as I collected rays on my faded car, after a day on the waves. I was listening to my stock '57 Chevy radio crackle hard rock and hiss news, my mind rolling in a day at the beach state, soothed by the whole west coast vibe thing. As I peeled myself off the windshield, the air sputtered in a mist of Madonna and Jesus, which evaporated like an ex-con racing the cops down the Long Beach mainline, news not even worthy of the obituary column. But as they say in the land of poor taste, bad form and revolting cigarettes, "au contraire mon frere, au contraire". Hey man, Madonna arm in arm with Jesus is as big a story as the makers of Cheerios inventing and patenting a new hole, for the breakfast of champions. But the story wasn't even given the due a fly would get, after turning itself inside out on a biker's eye patch. Have we lost our sense of humor, becoming a nation of narcissists with coffee in hand, a walk against the red mindset, as we ever so casually talk to no one in particular on a cell and gee, don't I look fabulous attitude. No, actually you look like an escaped lemming like mental patient, who just over paid for a stale coffee in a gourmet styrofoam cup and who, will never be half the narcissist Madonna is, no matter how hard you try. Some things just come naturally.Sir Lime Ricky of Virgin Records, Virgin Records being a great play on words granted, shooting himself out of a cannon might be a better display of public virility than Madonna having a fling with her kid. And sure, Sir Lime Ricky might get more press than America's sweetheart but for sheer creative genius, Madonna aka Mary aka the Virgin Mary the mother of all mothers, wins hands down. Madonna isn't slugging it out in the sack with just any old Jesus, no Sir E. Bob. She's sweating it out with Jesus Luz, more formally Jesus La Luz, which is Spanish for Jesus Light or Jesus the Light. Yeah, I checked with Encarta. And sure, Madonna goes through men like some men go through women and/or cars, which might bug a few people. But that doesn't take away from her creativity. So what if she was running low on new candidates to nail, when with crucifix in hand and on bended knees she looked to Jesus. You must admit that this totally ignored stroke of genius is pretty good and might just be the greatest publicity stunt of all time. After all, any one can drive a Harley off a cliff for the crowd but because its the landing that counts, only Madonna can nail Jesus. "Forgive me Father for I have what......sinned?" Yeah right, she must have driven her father crazy.

Johnny Transistor, May 19, 2009

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