Leave Craigslist alone. It has a constitutional right to do what it does.
Ned Lucas, Phoenix

Victims should've been more wary: The way Craig Newmark came forward to help the family of Katherine Olson was wonderful. The [cynical] part of me at first thought Newmark was coming forward just to mitigate anger toward his business for publishing "adult" ads. But he seemed really saddened by Olson's death, as well as by the murders of the others.

I mean no disrespect, but all the victims should have been wary of dealing with people they didn't know through a classified-ads site. Olson was just a young woman who didn't know any better, but the others must have known they were playing with fire.
Penny Heller, Tempe

Is that you, DeNiro?: Hey, look, I'm a liberal Democrat, but, Jesus, Craigslist is a vice nightmare. It's [an easily accessed] veiled prostitution network.

I'm all for freedom and less government intrusion. Economic and social. But why open up areas for predators and scum to prey easily on our sons and daughters?

It could happen to you. Someone wants to get a job, and they post on a supposedly cool site. Little do they know it's a hotbed for the movie Seven-type [depravity]? Think about it.

I'm not pleading for government regulation of the Net. By no means. I'm just asking for the public and media to point fingers at Craigslist. At least to scare the shit out of other non-regulated classified Web sites that hide behind respectability.

Freedom is awesome. Scumbags are not. Attack these prostitution Web sites before the government does. Mobilize.
Travis Bickle, via the Internet

What's New Times' motivation?: Wonder why New Times was so intent on doing a story about the "Craigslist murders," since none of 'em took place in Arizona? Could it be that New Times had to come to Craig Newmark's defense because it also has ads that could result in somebody getting hurt?
Jane Savage, address withheld

Accept some responsibility, people: What a great, thought-provoking article on Craigslist! And polarizing, to boot!

Let me preface this by saying I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I believe that the folks at Craigslist are being blamed for things that aren't their fault. In our world today, people need to remember: caveat emptor.

If you answer an ad on Craigslist for rough sex, you might get rough sex, and you might get killed. If you're a prostitute (whoops, I mean massage therapist) and you advertise your services on Craigslist, you might get killed.

And, if you answer an ad for a babysitter, you might get killed. (And this is where I feel badly for speaking disrespectfully about Katherine Olson.)

Are you freakin' kiddin' me? What kind of a mother would run an ad on Craigslist for a babysitter for her 5-year-old? And then hire someone sight-unseen? No decent mother. And that should have been a red flag for Katherine.

"Hi, I don't know you, I've never met you, but please come to my home where I'm going to leave my 5-year-old alone with a total and complete stranger." Unrealistic scenario.

People need to take responsibility for their own actions and stop putting the blame on everyone else.
Name withheld


Analysis is all part of the fun: Your article seems to go all over the place. Your analysis is terrible. You separate "fun" from analyzing. When, in fact, this is the most fun part.

People running around in "dance circles" may be fun for them, but not to people who are there to connect with the performers. There is a difference in participating in a cohesive and conscious musical experience and blackout partying. Both are fun, but one doesn't require you to pay $50. You can be blackout partying anywhere. You can only see a live Wilco show at a live Wilco show.

I had a tough time following your thought process in this article, so it would not surprise me that you can't understand the vital differences in these performers. Please never so grossly elevate Dave Matthews to near Jeff Tweedy status again. That's like comparing Mick Jagger to Bob Dylan (a good performer to God).

If you want a fun hipster show, go see The Hold Steady.
Jonathan Jacobsen, Minneapolis

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Andrew Ayers
Andrew Ayers

Travis, I don't know where you live, but here in the real world, just about everywhere is potentially dangerous. If it isn't the possibility of being mugged in the city, it's the possibility of being attacked by an animal in the country. Adults realize this, and take personal protection and awareness of their surroundings accordingly.

As far as Craigslist being a hotbed of vice and prostitution, nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe if you would click out of the adult section and get your hand off your dick you would notice a bunch of other sections geared toward buying and selling a whole host of other things (personally, I've bought two saws, a GPS receiver, and a refrigerator from very nice people on there).

If you are seeing vice everywhere, it isn't the CL's fault, buddy.

Johnny Transistor
Johnny Transistor

To: An Ed It Or THE

I was lying on the hood of my heap, in a Manhattan Beach parking lot. The one that looks out over the pier and on a hot day smells like melting asphalt, drying sand, french fries and concentrated piss. Yeah, its next to a bar and near the public facilities. But I ignored all of that with the help of Lucky Number 6, as I collected rays on my faded car, after a day on the waves. I was listening to my stock '57 Chevy radio crackle hard rock and hiss news, my mind rolling in a day at the beach state, soothed by the whole west coast vibe thing. As I peeled myself off the windshield, the air sputtered in a mist of Madonna and Jesus, which evaporated like an ex-con racing the cops down the Long Beach mainline, news not even worthy of the obituary column. But as they say in the land of poor taste, bad form and revolting cigarettes, "au contraire mon frere, au contraire". Hey man, Madonna arm in arm with Jesus is as big a story as the makers of Cheerios inventing and patenting a new hole, for the breakfast of champions. But the story wasn't even given the due a fly would get, after turning itself inside out on a biker's eye patch. Have we lost our sense of humor, becoming a nation of narcissists with coffee in hand, a walk against the red mindset, as we ever so casually talk to no one in particular on a cell and gee, don't I look fabulous attitude. No, actually you look like an escaped lemming like mental patient, who just over paid for a stale coffee in a gourmet styrofoam cup and who, will never be half the narcissist Madonna is, no matter how hard you try. Some things just come naturally.Sir Lime Ricky of Virgin Records, Virgin Records being a great play on words granted, shooting himself out of a cannon might be a better display of public virility than Madonna having a fling with her kid. And sure, Sir Lime Ricky might get more press than America's sweetheart but for sheer creative genius, Madonna aka Mary aka the Virgin Mary the mother of all mothers, wins hands down. Madonna isn't slugging it out in the sack with just any old Jesus, no Sir E. Bob. She's sweating it out with Jesus Luz, more formally Jesus La Luz, which is Spanish for Jesus Light or Jesus the Light. Yeah, I checked with Encarta. And sure, Madonna goes through men like some men go through women and/or cars, which might bug a few people. But that doesn't take away from her creativity. So what if she was running low on new candidates to nail, when with crucifix in hand and on bended knees she looked to Jesus. You must admit that this totally ignored stroke of genius is pretty good and might just be the greatest publicity stunt of all time. After all, any one can drive a Harley off a cliff for the crowd but because its the landing that counts, only Madonna can nail Jesus. "Forgive me Father for I have what......sinned?" Yeah right, she must have driven her father crazy.

Johnny Transistor, May 19, 2009

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