Ringtone Lōc

18-year-old emcee plays party rap that doesn’t suck

Soulja Boy Tell ’Em may be a poster boy for those in the music-sucks-today camp – some of the song titles by the crunk-friendly rapper include “Wit My Yums On,” “Booty Got Swag,” and “Gucci Bandanna” – but have you really listened to his raps and rhymes? Like, really sat down and marinated on them? The stuff, though geared toward the ringtone generation, is pretty catchy, not to mention pretty darn good.

There. We said it. Don’t hate.

Sometimes, the 18-year-old channels B.G. with his belligerent tone while rapping over girthy basslines. During other sonic instances, his party-rap stylings sound as if they’re geared toward every NFL team looking for some pregame motivation.

It’s awesome stuff. On the real.

Fri., May 29, 8 p.m., 2009
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