Things have changed at Las Sendas. Apparently its several design awards and national notoriety have made it super-popular — more like a Bette Midler arena concert than an Andrea Marcovicci cabaret performance — because it's just as crowded as Montelucia. The desert is still out there, wrapping its big, hot arms around this sand-colored development. But the lovely model homes I remember have been filled in with less outstanding homes on postage-stamp-size lots. The only desert I saw was the landscaping in people's yards and along the roads there.

Traffic — and traffic cameras — are the main view at Montelucia.
Todd Grossman
Traffic — and traffic cameras — are the main view at Montelucia.


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At least there are no traffic cameras.

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Emil Pulsifer
Emil Pulsifer

"Oh. Of course! A mountain presence. Because apparently Camelback Mountain emits an aura. You're in your kitchen, say, making a blender drink or buttering a scone, and you can feel Camelback Mountain loitering outside your service porch. Maybe it even makes an inaudible sound that only your parakeet can hear."

No comment -- I just liked this so much I decided to quote it.