Ghostbusters Video Game Release Party at GameStop

The Arizona Ghostbusters group celebrates the release of a video game modeled after the infamous '80s flick.
Mon., June 15, 7 p.m.-midnight, 2009
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Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis

Here's the most updated list of activities at the event and schedule:

*MOBILE GAME CAVE: The mobile game cave will be providing a 24 ft trailer with four 50 inch tv's. They will be displaying family friendly titles. This will be set-up in the parking lot opposite Gamestop.

*MOVIES ON THE GO: They will be providing a 20ft screen and projector to run Ghostbusters 1 and 2.

KIDS GAMES:GHOST BASHING for kids 12 and under @ 8pm and 10pm (GHOST PINATA's FILLED w/ Candy) GHOST HUNTING w/ the Ghostbusters (Hula-hoop toss onto a volunteer in a Ghost Sheet-- think a human ring toss) GHOST TOSS - Toss ghost shaped sponges into a trap.

CURRENT RAFFLE PRIZES:4 GB Wristbands2 GB Wallets1 Ghostbusters Belt buckle. 1 copy of Ghostbusters on Blu-ray (for pick-up after Tuesday)Grand Prize 1 copy of video game for system of choice

Schedule: 7:00 pm: Event starts7:00 pm: Movies start7:30 pm: Raffle drawings start, continue every half-hour 11:00 pm: Ghostbusters trivia 11:45 pm: Line-up for video game purchase11:50 pm: GRAND PRIZE prize drawing. 12:01 am: Game pick-up 12:30 am: Mobile Game Cave shuts down 1:00 am: Based on flow Gamestop closes

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