Did you read the story, Michael?: Give me a break! This guy is all complete bullshit. Nothing he says is true. He has no credibility, and no actual songs other than three Internet songs.

I mean, he sounds like every other wanna-be you meet in a bar who bullshits you all night about how rich or crazy his life is, and he actually drives a Geo and lives with his parents. If you ask me, the cover story, if not the article, was a complete waste of time.

I'm not saying your writers are bad journalists. I'm sure they're great, but let's work on substance. I read New Times to be informed about my city, not to read the same lies I hear everywhere. If anything, this article should have been a few paragraphs, not a main story and cover art.
Michael Clark, via the Internet

Sonny's biggest fan: All I can say is, Shame on New Times for trying to destroy someone who is trying to do something positive. Sonny, I hope you continue to push on until you reach the top. I attended your show at OT's in November, and I really enjoyed it.

Like the other guy said about it, 'Nuff said: I always feel very sad when I read stories like this that clearly speak to someone having delusions. I'm no doctor, but some of his grandiose pronouncements remind me very much of a talented, kind person I knew who suffered from schizophrenia.

When I got to the last paragraph and read the part about his declaring that he will be trying out for the Suns . . .

How could it be a waste of time if you were amused?: Sooo, what did Sonny Long and/or his publicist do for New Times to warrant a cover shot and multi-page article? I can't believe I wasted so much time reading this worthless attempt at journalism.

In fact, I'm mostly disappointed in the writers and editors at New Times. I give Sonny Long credit for having his people [persuade] a normally outstanding periodical to devote so much time, paper, and ink. Shame on you, New Times!

Although the article was interesting and quite humorous, I'm confused as to why the paper would spend so much time on someone who's an obvious fake. I'm sure 99.9 percent of the population has never heard of this person — deluded or not.

How did Sonny Long get any press in the first place? I'll pretend to be a deranged, fake star and call the newspaper for an interview — if it's that easy!

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