How long do you suppose the management thought they could cherry-pick these individuals out of the orchestra before their own patrons began to notice and question what was up? Things have been smelling funny at Symphony Hall for some time now.
Gary Jones, Glendale

Bring back the veterans: At concerts, I heard over and over from people like Michael Christie how well the symphony was doing financially. Does anyone there tell the truth about anything?

Christie never stops talking. I'd prefer a conductor who has some musical talent instead of the gift of gab. Personally, he creeps me out a little.

The orchestra has traded musical richness the veterans gave it for youth. Bring back the veterans and get rid of Christie and the higher-ups.
Jason Richmand, Phoenix

No more trips to the symphony: My husband and I moved here from Buffalo, New York, where we were patrons of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. We attended many concerts where cellist Richard Bock enchanted us with his beautiful solos.

We were thrilled to come to Phoenix and have the opportunity to hear him again, this time with the Phoenix Symphony. We were shocked to read your article and learn how terribly Michael Christie and management have treated this superb musician and his colleagues.

We couldn't figure out where the concertmaster, principal violist, horn player, and Mr. Bock were. We thought they might have been on sabbatical. We will no longer be returning to the symphony.
The Phillips family, Scottsdale


Typical of his generation: Great profile of Sonny Long. Of course, you can't help but feel kind of sorry for him at points during the story. But at other points, annoyed with how arrogant and delusional he is. And not just because this is him, but because it's so typical.

So typical of people in this era. So typical of people in Phoenix in general, unfortunately. We're all "legends in our own minds." If everyone I've met in Phoenix was who they say they were, well, I might as well be famous myself. What, with all the models, musicians, artists, drug dealers, and gangsters I know.

Yet these same people have asked to sleep on my couch. They have worked at telemarketing jobs — and quit them. They have been fugitives — on the run from a warrant stemming from a marijuana possession, or a DUI arrest. I have watched them beg their significant others not to leave them.

But, hey, fake it 'til you make it, right? We've all got to see ourselves as celebrities before anyone else does, and eventually they will realize who we are, right?

No, I don't really think so. Because we all want to be famous these days. Only so many of us can be, and even after that, so few of us deserve to be.
Zack Adelotte, Phoenix

Off to see the wizard: The article on Sonny Long was amazing! The writers were so articulate in describing the events from the first meeting all the way to the last. Especially the analogy of the Wizard of Oz. It really expressed the way Sonny Long is living a lie in his own mind.
Name withheld

Yeah, but does he have a story: I appreciate your covering the Arizona music scene and trying to give exposure to some of the hip-hop talent. But, the article on Sonny Long was comical. Please do some research on an Arizona talent named Atllas. He is truly one of the artist on the verge in this city.

There are plenty of talented artists out here who are not impersonating something they are not.
Name withheld

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