One's home — or one's church — is one's castle in a free country .

This isn't a free country, and anyone who thinks it is is in la-la land. I hope they fight back. Hard. Really hard. And I hope they win.

As long as the neighbors' rights are not being infringed upon — and they are not that I can see — the Salmans should continue.
Alice Little, Las Vegas

Watch out for Bible carriers!: This is not about city ordinances or even freedom of religion.

Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, the Pentagon, the White House [probably got word] of north Phoenix radical co-conspirators singing gospel music!

Maybe we should adopt a prime-color civil alert system like the one used during the Bush administration? We should immediately go from blue to yellow anytime we spot a citizen carrying a Bible.

There is continuous gunfire in my part of Phoenix, and I'm willing to bet the ranch it's not coming from the First Methodist Church.
David E. Smith Jr., Phoenix

A church is the people, not the building: People do not understand (especially those who are not Christians) that the church is the people and not a building, that the people who are the church can gather anywhere they please. This is their right.

The church can build whatever it wants to build, and the church can help whomever it wants to help. Churches meet in retail centers, they rent hotels, and they meet in schools. The school does not become the church, or the hotel does not become the church. When the church leaves, it is still a school or hotel.

If you are a Christian and you do not understand this, shame on you!
Jim Runder, Phoenix

Stay out, government: The city and state need to stay out of our personal worship. We should be able to worship where and with whom we want. And, yes, I do go to the pastor's home to praise and worship God with his family.
Sandra Beatty, Phoenix

Lion fodder: After reading this article, I completely understand the pleasure the Romans enjoyed feeding the Christians to the lions.
Name withheld

Neither side is without fault: I think the whole idea of sending out seven officers on an administrative violation is insane, particularly when Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the USA right now.

However, I don't think that Michael Salman acted in good faith, either. I mean, seriously, he built a 2,000-square-foot "game room." He called it a "game room" on his applications and paperwork, but now he's using it as a church.

Whatever happened to: "Thou shalt not bear false witness"? Or is it okay to lie, as long as you're doing it for Jesus?
Name withheld

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Brian, Your pre-review of the Clapton concert, not having heard the new Winwood "Nine Lives"? That is just classic. You would have been great working for the Bush Regime. "Don't confuse me with facts. I've got my mind made up!" I have not heard a new lick from Clapton in 25 fucking years. Jeff Beck has to gear down to play with Clapton. When Clapton was here with Billy Preston, their first encore was Preston's "Circles". For the first time that night the crowd went nuts and were on their feet. Clapton was sitting on a folded chair, playing, wondering what all the commotion was all about. Sorry to wake you, gramps. When Winwood was here for the "About Time" tour he was playing the bass on the pedals of his B-3 while singing and playing the keyboards. You need to get out more. Or learn a little more about substance and less about blind faith. People will be smoking pot. A lot of it! Are you still in high school? GOOD NEWS: You article was short. BAD NEWS: It was a piece of shit.


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