Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, July 30, 2009


When you lie down with pigs . . .: Your cover story and [The Bird's] column make it clear what kind of scumbag is attracted to the Minuteman movement.

For Minuteman leaders to suddenly say that Shawna Forde wasn't one of them is pure hogwash. What these "patriots" should realize is that when you lie down with pigs, you start to stink. But since they're all pigs, I guess it's hard to notice when a cohort smells worse than usual.

The [cover] story was telling, in that it shows what kind of warped mind is attracted to the civilian border-patrol movement. This would be the kind of person who has nothing positive going on in her life, the type of person who needs to carry out a racist vendetta against others to feel good about herself, be somebody.

The rest of the swine in the movement are not that far removed from Shawna Forde, even if they don't dare admit it. As The Bird pointed out, the most famous of them all, Chris Simcox, is hardly a model citizen.
Tom Racine, Riverside, California

That's us — green with envy: Leave it to New Times to pretend that Shawna Forde is typical of the Minuteman leaders on the border. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Their leaders are law-abiding, patriotic Americans who do not condone murder and robbery to gain funds for endeavors. Shawna Forde was a criminal, and they aren't criminals.

Why is it that you open-borders types in the press want to lie to further your agenda? Are you jealous of the men and women who bravely fight [against] the Mexican invasion?
Mark Douglas, Needles, California

Just another hypocritical "patriot": [Shawna Forde's] just another name to add to the long list of hypocritical "patriots" who also have sordid pasts (Minuteman leader Chris Simcox, state Senator Russell Pearce, neo-Nazis J.T. Ready, and Thomas Coletto).

I'll take all 14 of those Lindstrom's Car Wash employees over these people anytime.
Chad Snow, Peoria

A real shame: I would like to personally thank Shawna Forde for doing the job the U.S. government won't do itself. We can all sleep a little better at night knowing that at least one Mex drug trafficker scumbag is gone for good.

Too bad we do not have 100,000 more Shawna Fordes in America. And it is a shame that Shawna has to make the ultimate sacrifice in exchange for this civic deed to transpire.

Instead of getting locks and cold steel bars, Shawna should be presented with the key to the city where she took out the trash. She is a true American tragedy. Victim of ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government] since she was a little girl; a blonde preyed upon for her young body on the streets just to survive.

[For] being imprisoned for eradicating a foreign terrorist who deals in chemical warfare against our populace, she deserves all of our sympathy and adulation as both a brave lady and a strong American patriot.
J.T. Ready, neo-Nazi, Mesa

Any kind of loser? That's about right: My heart breaks when I see the picture of the little girl that Shawna Forde and her fellow gang members [allegedly] killed. Maybe the girl's father had it coming, but to murder an innocent child is beyond any brutality I could imagine.

I hope these three individuals wind up getting the death penalty for what they did. What kind of scum do these Minutemen allow in their organizations? Apparently any kind of loser can be a leader in this movement.
Steve Ramos, Phoenix

An accurate description: Sounds to me like [Shawna Forde] might just be a few fries shy of a Happy Meal!
John Davis, Houston

How do you take Shawna seriously?: What a lowlife this Shawna Forde is! It's hard to believe anybody could've taken her seriously, but [The Bird] proves that the Minutemen took her dead seriously.

Thanks for proving what I've always thought about these redneck vigilantes — their leaders are hypocrites.
Ric Esposito, San Diego

You sadden us, Randal: I see nothing wrong with Shawna Forde's actions, if you want to know the truth. Robbing and killing drug-dealing scum should get her a medal from the president.

The money these drug dealers make might as well go for a good cause — securing our borders.
Randal Randolph, Gila Bend

How do you spin Shawna Forde?: Sounds like this bitch snuck over the border from Crazy Town, that's for sure.

Funny how a lawbreaker like her is all down with "enforcing our laws." Kinda like all of the Moral Majority types who keep getting busted with their peckers in the pie.

You'd think the nativists might want to do a little more aggressive spin control on this?
Mike Wells, Phoenix

Jettison the trash: What a bunch of wackos! Hard-working undocumented workers should be allowed in, and this trash should be dumped on another planet.
Roman George, via the Internet

That poor baby girl: Wow, this [Shawna Forde] is a dirty criminal. I'm not saying there aren't Hispanic criminals. There are, but she effed up her own cause. God forbid there are any more crazies like this girl out there.

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To say that all minutemen are like Shawna Forde is the same as saying all illegals are like Eleazar Rangel-Ochoa or Pollo Hernandez Rodriquez or Cesar Sanchez --- better yet, saying all Minutemen are the same as one or two bad apples in the bunch is like calling all illegals "drunk-driving murderers".

I won't even discuss the disgusting kidnapping of little girls and selling them to men in Mexico as sex slaves.

Sharon Harrison
Sharon Harrison

After reading the comments about the terrorist du jour Shawna whatever, I am very disturbed by the amount of thumbs up she is getting by "Neo Nazis" in this area. I would love to see this paper continue to expose these creeps and help clean the city of their insanity. Hate groups belong in jail. In isolation, not free to spread the insanity to other psychopaths behind bars, I might add. Get rid of them.

larry boning
larry boning

If the border is never effectively controlled, this is exactly the kind of person and incident that will cause it to explode. --With stories like this one creating the proper backdrop of polarized hysteria.

Hammer of the Gods
Hammer of the Gods

To JT Ready aka neo-nazi shitbag;

Do this state and this country a favor and get the fuck OUT!


You sadden us, Randal: I see nothing wrong with Shawna Forde's actions, if you want to know the truth. Robbing and killing drug-dealing scum should get her a medal from the president.

The money these drug dealers make might as well go for a good cause � securing our borders.Randal Randolph, Gila Bend___________________________________________________________

It's scum suckers like you who should be removed from society. You think that killing people "little children" is a good thing ? You should be shot !

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