Just a skip away from Mary Coyle's is a brand-new joint with something to shout about: the Burger Studio. Its chocolate milkshake has room for improvement, specifically in the ratio of chocolate syrup to vanilla ice cream. But the shake made up for taste discrepancies with a creamy texture. This shake rang up at $4, and that felt about right for this clean, urban-modern joint.

Another worthy spot: Udder Delights in Gilbert. It is a haul from central Phoenix but is so worth it. The chocolate milkshake hit every category of yumminess for me. Udder Delights makes its own ice cream, and you can tell. I will head out there again to taste the potato chip-flavored ice cream. The price is high at $5, but Udder Delights gets props for its giant straws, which I used to suck down the creamy treat effortlessly.

The homemade ice cream at Mary Coyle makes for a tasty shake.
Jackie Mercandetti
The homemade ice cream at Mary Coyle makes for a tasty shake.

Location Info


Udder Delights

1385 E. Warner Road, 103
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Category: Restaurant > Dessert

Region: Gilbert

Ted's Hotdogs
1755 East Broadway Road, Tempe
Mary Coyle
5521 North Seventh Avenue
Lucky Boy Burger Shop
3430 North 16th Street

MacAlpine's Soda Fountain
2303 North Seventh Street
Burger Studio
9822 North Seventh Street

Udder Delights
1385 East Warner Road #103, Gilbert
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For my final mmm, yeah!, I must raise a waxed paper cup to, McDonald's. Their chocolate shakes are under $2, are available all over town, and they get a big mmm for consistency. The ratio of vanilla "shake mix" to chocolate syrup is perfect, and the shakes are creamy, not too icy, and very smooth. Yes, it is a fake shake and contains seaweed as a suspending agent, but this treat hits the spot every time.

Note: This piece has been edited to accurately reflect the pricing for the milkshake at Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream & Yogurt, which was inaccurate in the print version. New Times regrets the error.
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Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson

Anyone who gives accolades to a McDonalds "milkshake" has no business doing a review such as this. You undermined your credibility completely.