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Blue October is scheduled to perform Saturday, August 8.
Marquee Theatre in Tempe
A few years back, Blue October frontman Justin Furstenfeld went to great lengths to make it clear that music was a business to him, first and foremost. So maybe it shouldn't be such a surprise that his music is devoid of sincerity. He complained about having to be away from his wife, how angry touring makes him, and how when he's touring, all he can think is, "Man, I wish I didn't have to be out here." The band started out innocently enough, as just another aspiring alternative act, but Blue October's 2006 single "Hate Me" took them to the big time. Sadly, their albums have been sliding downhill ever since. Now they're touring their latest effort, the embarrassingly bad Approaching Normal, in which they, commendably, stretch themselves into new territory, but with disastrous results. Now, it's hard to tell whether they're supposed to be ripping off Disturbed or Sesame Street. With nonsense like this, let's hope Furstenfeld has his wish granted, and gets more time home with his wife in the future.
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Extremely narrow perception of a multi-talented band. Every one who has attended a Blue October concert, knows the hard work and commitment that goes into each and every performance. Anyone who cares to can Meet and Greet the band after the show, where they happily stand and sign, take pictures for every person. The music is obviously beyond anything you can understand, the sincerity, the range, the depth of emotion is so far and away above almost anything in music today, you don't even recognize true talent when you see it. Their new album is again an evolvement they have continued to do through 13 years together, another glowing achievement in their arsenal of amazing songwriting and performing.An amazing Rock/Alternative Band amongst all of the mediocre 'artists' on the radio today.Check your ears and your criticism, music obviously isn't something you know much about.


You, sir, are in idiot. You have made a complete fool out of yourself by even writing this review. Heres some advice, you may want to actually LISTEN to their albums because uhm, they do NOT sound like a ripped off version of the Sesame Street. If you were trying to be funny, then you totally failed at that. I pity your ignorance. Have a great day.


Since this review couldn't be bothered with musical insight, I'm simply going to dispute some of the facts.

1) When Justin says music is a business, he's advocating responsibility in handling the band's affairs and engagements.2) When he says he wishes he didn't have to be on tour all the time, he's describing those moments on tour that every musician has, where the tour bus just seems too cramped and every hotel room is just not like home. Add in the fact that he has a little daughter, and any reasonable person would understand his comments about wishing to be home. 3) He and the band have always described themselves as tour horses. They can be out for two years straight, take a few months to record an album, and they're itching to go back out again. 4) The entire band is never anything less than absolutely gracious to fans they meet. They could hide backstage until all the fans are gone, but instead they come out and greet as many as possible. Once when a show was canceled due to fire code, the band took their instruments on to the street and performed on the sidewalk. It was an amazing display of dedication to their fans.

Finally, a live show is where they really shine. I encourage anyone who reads this to disregard the character defamation in this article, and see for yourself how passionate and talented this band really is.

Ciaran Grant
Ciaran Grant

By the October, I'll have seen Blue October 9 times this year, London,Boston,Manchester, Birmingham,Keiserslaurten,Berlin Hamburg,Birmingham,and Manchester.I've met Justin,his brother Jeremy and Ryan each time. They have always been totally sincere, engaging and warm. They made us feel apprechiated for the efforts we made to make the shows. They tour non stop and after EVERY show, meet and greet until the last fan has left.Warm sincere,beautiful people follow this band, for reasons hard to explain. Cold, superficial folks don't. Sorry 4 U!!


Absolutely disagree, Listen to the album and i'm sure you will agree with me. This is some country loving yodell who did a review on an album he didn't even listen too. Disgraceful waste of time. approaching normal = 9/10

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