The light rail can increase the economy along the line however many land owners are holding out to maximize their profits. Typical capitalism; they did nothing to improve the area and want all the benefits.
William Zaffer, Scottsdale


The dream world of journalists: It must be nice to nest in a dream world. As journalists, your ideas don't translate to real life very well.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to settle all fights with a few harsh words, at the most? If it did escalate, you could resort to a good old-fashioned fistfight. What will make it fair? Will you fight only guys you know you can beat? If you're getting your ass kicked, will you be able to say "uncle" and it will stop right there, and after shaking hands, you can laugh about it over a beer (maybe at the White House)?

An armchair journalist can input his idea of how a situation should've been handled, almost like he was there. Maybe all cops should try to shoot weapons out of suspects' hands. Maybe Harold Fish should've put his weapon away after he dispersed the dogs and had a fair fight with a man who charged him even after he knew Fish had a handgun.

I am sure Mr. Kuenzil would've fought fairly. Is it fair for a 43-year-old man to fight a 69-year-old man? You know nothing about Mr. Fish, yet you insinuate he is a coward just itching to use his handgun. Would you have felt better if Mr. Fish knew his assailant was unstable?

In your world, you don't have to be concerned about protecting your family after you get knocked out by the assailant with whom you decided to have your fair fistfight. Criminals and unstable people like Mr. Kuenzil would love your world and the safe environment you would provide for them.

Ron Bigness, Mesa
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Az Zaqqum
Az Zaqqum

Hello everyone!

I'd like your opinion on a new book. The title is; "The Humor of'll die laughing".

The title is a twist on Islamic Sharia law that forbids laughing too much...which made me laugh too much.

In 1400 years of Islamic history, there has NEVER been a book written on the humor of Islam. It's all based on actual, ancient Islamis texts. I did not make them funny, they've always been funny.

I also thought it was important for Muslims AND Non Muslims to know the differnce between what is from Allah, and what is from men in bad dresses. Funny stuff, cracked me up!

There is a humor book on every religion except Islam. George Carlin said there were 7 words that shouldn't be spoken. I'm wondering if we need to add 2 more, Islamic and Humor?

So, I write the first book ever in the history of Islam, and run across censorship and Fatwa-itis.

The ONLY place it can be purchased is at

That's it. I'd just like to get some feed back. Sharia is here in the US. I like laughing.

Was it wrong to write a book on the humor of Islam? Did I pass the line of being politically correct?

Thank you in advance. Tell me what you think!...please!

Debra J. White
Debra J. White

ASU may be greener but it is still one of the meanest campuses around. Phoenix New Times reported the case of Kathryn Milun fired by Crow despite winning her case with the EEOC and with a faculty committee. Despite a crushing budget deficit Crow refuses to settle with the professor. He refuses to settle with almost everyone who wins with EEOC or CAFT. Arizona is sinking and Crow is spending freely on outside litigation.

I don't get it. Cant anyone stop him?

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