It's now clear that Gonzales' Justice Department screwed Charlton's investigation. It screwed the people of Arizona by giving us misinformation via the state's largest daily newspaper just before the election. And, finally, it screwed Paul Charlton, by forcing his resignation.

Kind of a horrible little hat trick, don't you think?

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I believe that there are NO honest Politicians from Arizona anymore and the ones that are honest can't get elected because the Crooks will have slush funds; crooked friends lying commercials and than the likes of John McCain standing on Stage spouting "I am a War Hero". Good grief I am also of the Vietnam era and trust me I have met some real Hero's( not in Politics) But I tell you NOTHING that happened under George W. surprises me anymore.........a matter of fact I hope I never hear the name Bush connected to Washington again in my Life time and I hope I live at least another 20 years.


I've been amused at how the media bit down hard on the Democrat spin that firing 8 US Attorneys was some how inappropriate, immoral (and fattening). Those jobs are 'political' appointments and the US Attorneys serve 'at the pleasure' of the President.

But the Dems knew they had a media that would take any opportunity to kick dirt on President Bush and validate their story line that Karl Rove was the evil genius at 1600.

Rove's weekly column in the Wall Street Journal is about this whole kerfuffle and his non-involvement in it. It's pretty convincing. He's posted all the material from the Congressional committee hearings at Maybe it's worth a look.


Arizona, home of the scumiest politicians money can buy.

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