There were a handful of homemade pastas as well. Tender tagliatelle ribbons tossed with salty speck and radicchio were mouthwatering in a velvety pecorino cream sauce, and the seasonal risotto dish, topped with sweet corn and tomatoes, was wonderfully aromatic, thanks to truffle oil and basil pesto.

On the other hand, thick pappardelle in a super-meaty bolognese sauce was inedibly Chef Boyardee — the ground beef was overcooked, dry in spite of the tomato sauce, and studded with dessicated bits of sausage. Sadly, I could eat only a few bites.

Desserts were more creative than you'd expect from a neighborhood pizza joint — pine nut brittle accented the tiramisu, thyme-raspberry sauce sweetened tangy lemon pudding, and fruit crostada, drizzled with streusel topping, had a flaky, fresh-out-of-the-oven crust. A slice of moist, not-too-sweet chocolate Bundt cake impressed me the most, perhaps because it reminded me of my mom's.

The Parlor's packing 'em in with rustic, casual food, reasonable prices, and a unique atmosphere.
Jackie Mercandetti
The Parlor's packing 'em in with rustic, casual food, reasonable prices, and a unique atmosphere.

Location Info


The Parlor Pizzeria

1916 E. Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: East Phoenix


Arancini: $8
12-inch Salciccia pizza: $12
Burger: $10
Chocolate cake: $6

Hours: 11 a.m to 10 p.m., Monday through Thursday; 11 a.m. to midnight, Friday and Saturday
The Parlor
1916 East Camelback Road

Okay, so there were a few misses that I'll chalk up to The Parlor's growing pains. There were a lot more hits, though. At the newest "quintessential Phoenix" restaurant, there's a lot to like, and probably more to come.

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The Parlor is Great food, casual atmosphere, and just an all around outstanding gathering place for those really looking for a memorable dining experience among friends.

love a good restaurant
love a good restaurant

The Parlor does not have to overcome growing pains they have to change their chef/s. Too pricey, poor quality pizza and average everything else.


The best pizza they have is the Spicy BBQ Chicken. Friggin amazing!