Dirty Pictures

Phoenix photog salutes local grease monkeys

Local photographer Angela Franks Wells isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. No, she’s not a hitwoman. And no, she isn’t snapping porn. Wells uses an old-school, and very messy, photogravure technique involving toxic chemicals that leave her hands stained black and smelling like copper pennies. The untidy process is fitting given her recent subject matter – the oily, greasy workplaces of mechanics and other skilled laborers.

“I don't mind the mess,” says Wells. “From the beginning of this project, I've always enjoyed that the labor of my craft reflects the labor of their craft.” See her latest prints in the “Happy Hour 9 to 5: Angela Franks Wells” exhibit at Tilt Gallery.

Sat., Sept. 5; Fri., Sept. 11; Sat., Sept. 12; Sat., Sept. 19; Fri., Sept. 25, 2009
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