Moriarty is already steadily working toward Ignite 5, scheduled for November 3 at Tempe Center for the Art. There are more Ignites on the way, including one for high school students. This month, Moriarty will continue running the Social Media Club. Meanwhile, he's planning on picking up the pace on Improv AZ now that the summer's over.

He tries to keep his weekends "sacred," Moriarty says, to spend time with his wife, Dannie, a corporate trainer for Verizon, and their two dogs. It must be a nice change of pace for a man who spends his weeks engaged in endless side projects.

On August 28, he tweeted ecstatically about the Whole Foods in Chandler having Dogfish Head Brewery's Theobroma on tap during "East Valley Friday Nights," which he regularly attends. On August 29, Moriarty attended Bar Camp AZ, an idea-sharing conference at Gangplank.

Jamie Peachey
Ignite Phoenix founders Jeff Moriarty (left) and Roger Williams celebrate after Ignite Phoenix 4 on June 16.
Jonathan McNamara
Ignite Phoenix founders Jeff Moriarty (left) and Roger Williams celebrate after Ignite Phoenix 4 on June 16.


Phoenix's online community is constantly changing and growing. To find out more about how local people are using social media to "tweet-up" at various events around the Valley, follow these social media evangelists on Twitter (
Jeff Moriarty: Founder of Improv AZ, Ignite Phoenix, and Phoenix Innovation Foundation
Evo Terra: Founder of "East Valley Friday Nights"
Roger Williams: Founder of Ignite Phoenix
Kimber Lanning: Chair of Local First AZ, owner at Stinkweeds Records and Modified Arts
Brandon Franklin: Ignite volunteer and taiko drum enthusiast

Ignite Phoenix 5 will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. November 3 at Tempe Center for the Arts from 6 to 9. For information on attending or submitting your idea for a presentation, visit
• Do you have the urge to drop your pants on the light rail? Improv AZ may be the right social circle for you. Check out the improvised fun at
"East Valley Friday Nights" is just one of several Friday-night meet-ups happening every week. For more information about showing up and hanging out, visit the event's site.

Such is the calendar of a social-media evangelist. And he's not slowing down.

"The thing that keeps me going," he says, "is all these things are fun."

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There's already a mass culture of stupidity and aggressiveness in Phoenix. The superhero fight lands on the stupid side.


What #1 said!!!

El Matho
El Matho

What I find most interesting is that that one dude is 33 and he was an engineer for 18 years. That's some Doogie Howser ish right there.


Interesting article, but there's a difference between an arts community and a civic culture. Getting people out of their houses and interacting is a great way to foster a cultural identity, but if that identity is going to reach beyond "CenPho hipsters" to "Valley residents", it will have to involve those of us who don't buy vinyl at record stores, or visit trendy bars to congratulate ourselves after "spooking the straights". As Kimber Lanning pointed out, third-generation cobblers are as much a part of Phoenix as trendy scenesters. Events attracting nurses and auto mechanics as well as Web designers and sculptors would stand the best chance of creating a cultural identity for all of Metro Phoenix.

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