"We'd have to book a show two months out and tell Jason as soon as we knew," Edwards says. "He'd book a flight to come back a week before the show so we can get tight with him and play the show."

Kendall eventually moved back to the Valley in January, and the band quickly began working on their new album. Since Kendall's return, the band has also played several shows with local heavyweights Digital Summer, whom Edwards credits with inspiring The Asylum's dedication to professionalism.

"They're like the kings of fuckin' advertising," Edwards says. "They have success, so we kind of followed what they did, as far as street advertising, stickering all over the place. Everywhere you go, you'll see a fuckin' Digital Summer sticker on a stop sign or something. We're doing stuff like that, viral marketing, heavy online promotion. One thing that [Digital Summer singer] Kyle [Winterstein] told me really hit home. He's like, 'A lot of [people] could have a band, but no one puts the time into being personal.' Like on MySpace, I'll never not respond to someone. We get a lot of comments, a lot of messages, but we respond to everyone. People are always shocked."

The Asylum: They're local, but you'd never know it by attending one of their shows.
courtesy of the Asylum
The Asylum: They're local, but you'd never know it by attending one of their shows.


The Asylum are scheduled to perform on Saturday, September 12, at The Venue of Scottsdale in Scottsdale and on Saturday, September 19, at Club Red in Tempe.

The two bands are co-headlining this weekend's show, and according to Digital Summer bassist Anthony "Guido" Hernandez, the admiration is mutual.

"Aside from them being great musicians, they have a good grasp on the business side of things, which is important," Hernandez says. "I think it's a really big factor in how much success they've been getting recently and how much they've been growing."

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