So you can bet the pharmaceutical-manufacturing lobby was instrumental in getting this restriction included.

It's said that this could have cost the federal government roughly a trillion dollars through 2015, which, ironically, is about how much Obama and related-healthcare-reform proponents have estimated as the cost of their reforms.

It would be interesting to know where Shadegg stood on the drug lobby's protection clause in the 2006 legislation.

It wouldn't surprise me if the drug lobby supports current legislation with a similar quid pro quo, so in that sense Shadegg may be right. Of course, he has his own, reactionary agenda, but my reaction to Obama is that he has slid way too far to the right, and that many of his cabinet members and advisers are in the pockets of big banking and other fat-cat lobbies.

None of which is to say Obama, as a Clinton successor, isn't miles and miles better than Bush, or that his proposals and arguments are without merit.

Personally, though, I wonder whether a half-assed approach won't do more harm than good, especially given the fact that the legislation is gigantic and apparently not actually read in totality by anyone except lobbyists and their lawyers, and possibly congressional staff.

Supposedly we have a "free market," but we cannot freely import drugs from countries like Mexico and Canada that provide equivalent generics for (in some cases) vastly lower prices.

I recently spoke with someone with some serious health issues who spends about $25 a month [for drugs from Mexico] that in the U.S. cost about $400.
Emil Pulsifer, Phoenix

Anything's better than what we have: I, for the life of me, don't understand the outcry over the Obama health plan, which, whatever its flaws, would be a far sight better than what we endure today.

I've had insurance companies try to double-bill me, confuse me with endless red tape, refuse to pay for healthcare clearly covered in my policy . . .

If the Obama plan fixes only some of these problems, we'd all be a far sight better than we are now. People should either educate themselves or keep their ignorant mouths closed!
Mary Nell, Sun City

Where did the money come from?: Saying that Shadegg outspent Lord by a million dollars tells only half of the story. The Federal Elections Commission shows that candidate expenditures by the party on behalf of Lord were $1 million more than Shadegg and party expenditures against Shadegg were $1 million dollars more than against Lord.

That means $1 million more was spent on Lord's campaign (remember the endless commercials?) than Shadegg's. And since the Democratic Party gets lots of money from the healthcare industry, where do you suppose that money spent on Lord's behalf originally came from?
Name withheld

Time for housecleaning: Great investigative work by Stephen Lemons. Thanks for the public service in following the money and the hypocrisy regarding these self-serving Arizona congressmen. Time for change and housecleaning!
Name withheld

Lying is like breathing to you: What a pack of liars we have among our GOP politicians in this city! John Shadegg should hide his face in shame after misleading those poor old people.

John, it's a sin to worry the hell out of the elderly just to make your precious GOP feel better about losing the election to a liberal, black president — who, by the effin' way, is trying to help them, as well as the other medically disenfranchised in this country.

Now, John, why do you think America was willing to elect Barack Hussein Obama to the White House over grizzled white boy John McCain?

Well, because you Republicans are a pack of liars. From George W. Bush/Dick Cheney down to dregs like you. Lying is breathing to you people.
Name withheld


Why is so much good food dumped?: Wow! New Times comes out with a pro-green story. Hard to believe after "Green Fatigue". Nice to know that you've finally seen the light, at least in one area.

The story was interesting. Who knew there was so much good food being dumped? I may become a "freegan" my own self! And to make it illegal to pluck this food from dumpsters is draconian.

Now, I've got to add that some of the characters in D'Andrea's story came across as insufferable fools. I'd probably want to pistol-whip a couple of them after 15 minutes. But I've got to admire how they're getting something for nothing, while I'm spending a third of my income at the grocery store.
Tim Mason, Tempe


How long before Sheriff Joe cracks down?: It makes sense that the porn industry would move to Phoenix, save for one thing: Law enforcement is more stringent here than in L.A.

How long will it be before Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio sends his goons up to hassle Taryn Thomas' production company. It would be a win-win for Joe because he could get his name on TV big-time and be trying to squash something that most conservative Arizonans don't condone.

Don't get me wrong. I see absolutely nothing at all wrong with the porn business. It's a First Amendment issue.

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Dick Ballzdeep

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