Why this place works as a porn mecca is, as your story points out: cheap labor, wide-open spaces for production (where there are no prudish neighbors to get pissed), and a dearth of industry vultures. Let's hope Thomas, et al., succeed. This economy needs a dose of Viagra!
John Roberts, Phoenix

It's come a long way: The Phoenix adult industry has surely come a long way in a short period of time. It's truly amazing to see it growing right before my eyes.

I'm really thrilled that Taryn Thomas has started her own company and is making things happen for herself. Way to go, Taryn!
Josh Reading, Glendale

Give her credit: I think this is a wonderful story. Taryn sure did a great job with taking control of her life. I have to give the girl credit.
John Philips, Scottsdale

Diversification is key: Good to hear that the Valley is diversifying its economy. Always glad to have an industry that's not tied to housing.
Will Novak, Phoenix

Folks in L.A. don't like "Chub-Chub": Taryn Thomas is not well liked in the XXX community. She burned a ton of bridges when she left [L.A.]; few people would have anything to do with distributing her DVDs. She's derisively referred to her as "Chub-Chub" for her frequent weight [fluctuations].

Your writer failed to ask — or reveal — how Taryn got all the money to buy a house in Fountain Hills and start her own business. She didn't start spreading her legs for money until 2004.
Will Donovan, Paradise Valley

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Dick Ballzdeep
Dick Ballzdeep

Taryn Thomas, now there's a real talent. Sucking and fucking! And while being filmed, no less! Wow, how utterly unique and original! And what a boost to the sagging local economy!Hey Taryn, if you ever need some help practicing your lines (ooohhh, aaaahhh, slurp slurp), look me up!

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