Out on a Limb

One-legged cagefighter engages in a butt-kicking contest

Compared to Matt Betzold, you’re a major pussy. While you’ve wasted your life in front of the TV, the 25-year-old Payson resident and mixed martial arts competitor has kicked much ass and won a slew of amateur shootfighting awards. And he’s done it with only one leg.

After Betzold lost his limb at the age of 6 (when a psychotic co-worker of his father’s poisoned him), he became an übermensch who specializes in pawning fools with his fighting prowess. His next opponent is Ken Davis, who he’ll battle during Rage in the Cage 135. The card also includes 20 other scheduled smackdowns, including Matt Dell versus Ray Robinson for the RITC Featherweight Championship.

Sat., Oct. 3, 8 p.m., 2009
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