Ayers and Dohrn — charge 'em with treason: Treason? The word imports a betraying, treachery, or breach of allegiance.

The Constitution of the United States, Article III, defines treason against the United States to consist [of] levying war against it, adhering to its enemies, or giving them aid or comfort.

This offense is punished with death. By the same article of the Constitution, no person shall be convicted of treason [except] on the testimony of two witnesses to the overt act or [with] a confession in open court.

Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and others active in the Weather Underground should be brought up on charges of treason, pure and simple.
Allan Erickson, via the Internet

No point to this story: This is the most sensationalistic article I've seen in a long time — from the absurd headline connecting Obama, who was, as we all know by now, a child at the time of these events, to the suggestion that rumors, even in the complete absence of any new or significant evidence, should add up to a case simply because they persist.

Here's a story in which you have two different parties giving unconvincing confessions to the same crime — one because she wants something in exchange and the other because he was going to jail anyway — and no physical evidence worth prosecuting.

So . . . what exactly is the point? I'm really not sure it can be anything other than to try to use the names "Ayers" and "Obama" in the same sentence because they've been proven to whip up frenzy.
Name withheld


Why all the hate, indeed?: I don't know what sickens me more: a racist and moronic sheriff or Christians who endorse hate. Regarding the gay and Jewish protests . . . Dudes, don't you have anything else to do?

Here's a tip: If you don't like those folks, don't hang out with them. I was raised in a strict Protestant home and hate was never endorsed. In fact, we were taught to pray for and love our enemy.

Here's a question: If Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were tools of God, and murder is a sin, does that make God a sinner? Just wondering, because I don't remember the Ten Commandments qualifying sin according to [the ethnicity of] the victim.

One more question: Why all the hate? Hate is tired.
Hank Hill, Phoenix

Day of reckoning may be tough for Sara: Sara Phelps is correct [that people must answer for their actions on Earth]. On that day when she stands before the Almighty, I hope only that she has the foresight to bring along some fireproof drawers. God help you, Sara, because human reasoning can go only so far.
David R. Toto, Phoenix

Out of sight, out of mind: As an ex-Topekan, I'm proud to have received free tickets to the showing of The Laramie Project at Washburn University, for being one of the counter-protesters who got there early enough to take up all the corners within view of the university's performing arts center so that Fred Phelps & Co. could be relegated to being out of sight and out of mind.
Kenneth Jaeger, Phoenix

Weren't they mostly Jews, too?: The Bird wrote: "And all this time I thought it was the Romans who nailed the Man from Galilee to a cross. And wait a sec, wasn't Jesus a Jew? Sara [Phelps] reluctantly admitted that he was, but apparently that doesn't count because he was — you guessed it — the Messiah."

Weren't most of the apostles also Jews?
Emil Pulsifer, Phoenix

Bird a racist?: Bird, you are an ugly, nasty person. As a journalist you should not be using derogatory slang terminology. I don't know what your race is, but you sound very much like the racist in this article. May Bill O'Reilly smite you.
Name withheld

Do-gooders would make for a boring Bird: God forbid you ever talk about the 90 percent of Christians who are out there doing charity work, feeding the homeless, or taking care of orphans. We're not all like Fred Phelps, the abortion clinic bombers, or whatever other sensational fringe element of "Christians" you choose to focus on in your column.

How 'bout a little equal coverage, eh? You know, a little journalistic integrity? Or did you miss that day in college?
Name withheld

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Brian Tweed really made my head spin... Because I understood most of what he is saying !!! I spent most of the 60's on Okinawa, Japan as a military depedent teen. I stood on Hwy one and watched the 101st Air Bourn leave for Vietnam... a nieve 8th grader not knowing where they were going or why. My tears still well up and my throat gets tight now when I think of it. Those young men. On my way up to my school I looked down on Naha Port and saw them being loaded onto the ships. Men, equipent. Many men out on an open deck. Not knowing where they were going or why. Never even imagining that it was to war. I cry for them. I saw what few in this coutry saw or knew then or will ever see. Okinawa, Japan was a staging point for Vietnam throught the war. Thousands of young men there. By the time that I graduated from Kubasaki High School there, Many were younger than I. By then I knew where they were going, but I didn't know why. Was it for oil? Was it for gold? Was it for Rice? Was it for Freedom? Was it to make our politians wealthy and pompus full of themselves and their power? I am no longer that nieve 8th grader. My Uncle went from Omah Beach all the way in and made it home safe body intact. He talked it all out with his wife of 19, when he got home. My other Uncle served in France and he too came home. God blessed us as God Blessed George Ray Tweed.MY Grand Parents were emigrants from Norway that went through Ellis Island. I know that emigrants do make contributions and great sacrifice. If I am to get a letter, please be kind and don't make me cry to much. I remember the many days the convoys went by and as young school girls we waved to them. They waved back. Perhaps we were the last Americans that some may have seen.

Bill Reeves
Bill Reeves

Dear Feedback,

John Bolland, Tim Summers, and the three other also-rans who didn�t have the courage or the moral conviction to actually sign their names to the letters they wrote, can suck my white male appendage for what they said about autistic Mexican children in the Feedback section of Sept 24-30. It is the continuing problem of these short-sighted morons to always blame the parents, never quite seeing that in doing this, it is always the children who end up getting punished. They are children, for god�s sake. Autistic children to boot. What in the name of all that is good and decent, all that made our great country what it is and continues to strive to be, is wrong with you frigging people? You are racists, plain and simple, and I am sick to death of the lot of you. You don�t punish the children, any children, for the plight of their parents.

Bill ReevesMesa

Brian Tweed
Brian Tweed

Hello,To More Than Likely you will Be Getting A PostalLetter This Month.As to World War II American Hero,George Tweed,The Movie No man is an Island-1962-Universal Studios.to and to,American Dreamz,-2006-My Name to George Tweed,My Name a Comedy to Iraq.to and To Book,Robinson Crusoe U.S.N.The Adventures ofGeorge Tweed.To Television Series Crusoe.

Brian Scenarios Beside.

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I am 37 Years Old,to A Writer,to Published Anthology.to 1994,to University Merit,to Say to A Degree,toActimng to Arizona State Equivalents.

Now to Say George Tweed,George Bush to 9-11-01.(TheNew York Tragedy)Make a Foundation a Greater People to.)To This,No man Is an Island,to George R.Tweed.To George W.Tweed.And Yet The Faith of GeorgeBush.To Say to.to Nion Relative Boss Tweed.to Say To Andover Prep School.I get Now toBarack Obama,was to Support before the November 2008.Cadidacy,To say Hillarey Clinton,To Opponent,who Makes a Position in The white House,to Say.To To GeorgeTweed(Excuse,only To Message)to Prove George Bush for one Two Terms in That in Terms to Represent in America To america In Ignorance.and yet now Gets tobarack Obama,to Say Non U.S.Birth Certificate.to Hawaii,in which No man is an Island,is Based on Not Nazi,to Jew,But To Pearl Harbor,to Dec.7,1941,towhich That is based on Hawaii.in Which If BarackObama,Was to Represent to america the issue The Birth Certificate to Prove to america and two No President of The United States to jan.20,2009,Makes to Read The Constiution ofd The united States so that to Say america,and Yet Hillary Clinton,Secretary of state,to Say from BillClinton,in Infidelity,a Name we dont need back in the white House and titles secretary of state,to Say FOREIGN AFFAIRS.this to Foreign Policy also Joe Biden,Vice President of theUnited States.to say And Now we Get Judge sonya Sotomayer.to Hispanic,In Proof If Barack Obama,to america The Brest country in the world What do We Need with foreigners Other than the Fact we get to Celebrity,Immigration,to Political Fraud to Economics to discrimination to what we are To People to discrimination and Opression In America to Celebrity,politics What Do they to concern,there not such neighborhoods and Issues and excluded when the America people to such issues.

This Month to begin October,2009.I live On socialSecurity,A New Residence,to Two rents,To Cant Pay thisMonth Only,due to My credit card,and Banks.Yet the Issue,To social Security a Health Card.George Bush Wasnt,to and Barack Obama,Also.Go back to September.In entertainment Gene Simmons,(Immigration)The Music Group Kiss,The Man In Make upA Millionaire,Yet Imigration,Who sings To May 17,2004.to Asshole,Lyrics To Personality L:ike a Bucket of Pee.Your The king Of The Crap ect,and My Name toGeorge Tweed,to May 25,2004,To No Man Is an islandD.V.D.As to George Bush Seen What amereica George Tweed,ourTroops to you,and Barack Obama,The more Conservative GeorgeBush,To Say of Race.There is no Issue to Race whenTo Children in schools,to Be the Mosdt Respected man,inThe world Doesnt want to See You.So As to Race.Make That excuse,To your Issues.Your a Fraud.A Muslim,To Barack Obama,to Say Osama BinLaden.Now to as to Last Month,To movie EXTRACT.to The Names J.K.Simmons(A Character Named Brian.DontEver to Me

Karen Hine
Karen Hine


(Please add in approperate paragraph)

Writers, Poets, Artists

Sir Winston Churchill was Bi-Polar. Bi-Polar is a mental illness. More have made great positive contributions to our society than negative. Society is greatly indebted to most of them and their great contributions and personal scrafice. Just take a moment and think where we might be today without their wisdom, courage, talent, perserverance, dedication and personal sacrafice.

(Please add in appropriate paragraph)

"A long line of cases shows that it is not merely of some importance, but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done" Quote of Gordon Hewart (Viscount Hewart) 1870-1943 British Lawyer and politician.

(Perhaps my name should be with held).

Karen Hine
Karen Hine


(Please ammend that to state): "Tortured and murdered".

ADD: In AZ if someone were to abuse,tortue and kill an animal the law protects that poor animal and the horrific act is punishable by law. It is my belief that the punishment carried out by only dismissing and repramanding employees was far less than it should have been. This was torture and murder. No accident. Perhaps not first degree murder, but no less than manslaughter. tHIS IS A BAD PRECIDENT AND POOR EXAMPLE. PREJUDICE AND BIAS AGAINST THE MENTALLY DISABLED AND MENTALLY ILL.

Maria Powell was said to have mental issues. For example, 15% of the population is Bi-polar. It is not only a genetic abnormality, the person's life history from early child development on affects their ability to cope.

I "googled" up a list of famous Bi-polar people. The list is very long. Among it was President Teddy Roosevelt. There is no shame in mental illness. Only those in society that misjudge are the shameful.

Bi-polar people can be the over achiever. The very driven and agressive successful professional. They may know that they are Bi-polar. They may not know,,, yet.

Take care, those of you in society that are quick to mis-judge and write off a another human being as "just another nut case" One day you may have to unwillingly walk in that person's shoes.

Are we slipping back into the middle or dark ages? What has the human race become? Is there no humanity left here on planet earth?

One may say not to care; Society can't afford to care; and Society can't afford to help.

I say that we are all human beings with a God given right to be cared about and be treated with dignity no matter our human afflictions. We can all make contribution.

"You so be judged, as you also judge"."PLEASE WITH HOLD MY NAME IF POSSIBLE"

Jimmy Pera
Jimmy Pera

Editor,Mark Grouber of Los Angeles made a claim about the people trying to find justice for the murder of a San Francisco Policeman a "traveling nut-bag circus". Well for Mr. Grouber, a simple minded person that doesn't think a murder matters, is a Foolish man who nees to get his facts straight. I understand Mr. Grouber is from the Far-Left and use Saul Alinsky tactics to call righteous people names without facts. One with knowledge of the situation would know all fingers point to Bernardine Dohrn. It is amazing how the radicals for the far left surround to defend Terrorists.

In another almost as ignorant response, Spencer Jackson stated; "This is cheap journalism that substitutes catchy taglines for thoughtful political discussion. At a time when America is fighting two imperial wars of aggression in the Middle East and has assumed an extra-judicial power of global sovereignty, you have chosen to devote your resources to tabloid-worthy speculations."

Well Mr. Jackson where are your facts, about the Middle East or the Killing of SGT Brian McDonnell? Well here they are, you have none. In the time that I have heard of this tragedy since I was a young boy and seeing one of the Bomb pieces my father picked up the night he responded to the incident, I have always known the truth. Maybe you, the Neo-Marxists need to wake up and smell the coffee. The Weather Underground are terrorists and Murderers. Justice will prevail.

Jimmy Pera (son of SGT James Pera (ret) SFPD)

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