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Local mystery mixer Djentrification stays out of cyberspace

"The book of Phoenix gets lost . . . There's many more people downtown now, but less neighborhood places. In 1995, you could walk down Roosevelt [Street between Third and Seventh Streets] and there were more street people and more activity. It was much more close-knit then," he says. "I wanted the name 'Djentrification' forced into print, so kids can learn about not only the word 'gentrification,' but also the meaning, so they're aware of it."

As he continues to take a stand against big-box development, Djentrification continues his sonic mastery. A new CD features musical interludes and a collection of weird neighborhood field recordings, captured using an old-school ghetto blaster. He's also looking to branch out nationally, not necessarily for bright lights and fame — a Los Angeles show has been his only out-of-state gig, and he would love to perform in places like New York City and London — but to expose his impromptu compositions to new crowds.

And for now, his gigs remain Djent's sole means of self-promotion. After all, no self-respecting mystery man needs a MySpace page.
Fri., Oct. 9, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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