It occurred to me that, closed off in someone's penthouse that morning, he hadn't heard the excited roar of the crowd.

"They cheered?" was all Marshall said when I told him. He sounded sad and a little surprised. And then I, having destroyed a perfectly charming person's day, hung up and went back to being morose about the demise of Al Beadle.

It wasn't just the loss of another old building by a renowned architect that's been haunting me, again and as usual. It was that this time it happened in a crowd of people who seemed not at all saddened by its destruction. Usually it's just me, sitting alone in a room, tapping out diatribes about evil developers who don't care about the significance of a frat house designed by Ralph Haver or whatever. This time, I was surrounded by people who actually cheered when a building that was a significant part of our skyline was blown up.


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I kept thinking about how, as Paul and I headed back to my car, the man walking in front of us had turned to his companion and said, "Now, that's a great way to start a day!"

We're all doomed.

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Yes, a sad day. The Case Study homes were excellent. Modern.. simple and realistic. However.. they didn't fit the housing industries money-pit blueprint. A home of concrete.. glass & steel.. it don't rot or need constant upkeep. You have many options. You can have an atrium-courtyard right in the center of your home. Wonderful & private & secure. Glass walls in the central atrium or courtyard, admit plenty of natural light. All of those factors deny an industry salivating over the expected sales of wood.. paint.. shingles.. lighting supplies.. etc, etc, etc.. grass seed.. lawn mowers, weed killer.. all could be 'lost' to a modern & logical home/property devoted to coddling the owner in comfort.. safety & extremely low maintenance. That, is sad. Now.. we are living the lives of consumers.. Walmart.. walled in neighborhoods with HOA Fees...