Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, October 15, 2009


Speaking of competency: This doctor not only deserves to lose his license to practice medicine, he should be indicted.

Maybe this is a case that Sheriff Joe could sink his teeth into for good reason, for once.
John Givens, Phoenix

Professional something: Dr. Joseph Franzetti is, indeed, a blight on his profession. Thanks for helping to remove this creep from our public ranks, or at least I hope this is the way it goes.

Truly, if nothing comes of this after your great story, there's something sadly wrong with the system. Franzetti must believe that what he's doing for a living is baseless. Otherwise, how could he continually do harm to his patients just for the easy money?

Of course, I may be discounting that he's a sociopath.
Janice Rodriguez, Phoenix

Board is warped: I found your article on "Dr. Deception" interesting and accurate. "Dr. Deception" is part of a mental-health system that is badly broken on many levels.

I am proud of my work at the Arizona Medical Board and am concerned about the direction the agency has taken in the past two years.
Patrick Connell, M.D., via the Internet

Outrage that this doctor was hired: "Dr. Deception," indeed! And he got his degree in Mexico? Just what we need: a doctor with a "degree" from Mexico bilking the Maricopa County government.

I am outraged by what is brought forth in this story. Who is in charge of hiring this guy? This doctor needs to go, and so does that official.
Mark Travis, Phoenix

No checks and balances: This story was shocking! There are apparently no checks and balances in county government on guys like Joseph Franzetti, huh? Well, of course there aren't. Sheriff Joe Arpaio's still running around acting like a tyrant.
Madie Gates, via the Internet

And what were you wearing?: I had an appointment or two with this "doctor" when he was at Value Options, now Magellan. He was wearing a short-sleeve shirt (top few buttons unbuttoned) and no undershirt, like he was in Las Vegas or something.

This "doctor" is part of the reason the mental-health system here absolutely sucks. Thank for bringing this story to light.
Name withheld


Casper speaks to all oppressed people: It's wonderful to hear positive things about a Native American. Casper Lomayesva is truly an inspirational artist.

Someone said in your story that he means as much to his people as Bob Marley meant to his, and that's an understatement. He speaks to more than his own tribe, though; he speaks to all Native peoples.

But not only is his music inspirational to those of us who live on reservations, it makes us happy. It is so much fun to listen and dance to. Reggae performances are huge events.

Long live this music! It speaks to oppressed peoples everywhere.
George Walpi, Tuba City

Thanks for covering a true artist: Great article! Glad to see New Times doing a music-based cover story about something besides the latest flavor-of-the-month band or rapper wanna-be.
Name withheld


Business as usual at the County Attorney's Office: Your article on Marcia Powell's brutal death chilled me. And, for once, we weren't reading about an atrocity in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail system.

It's outrageous that Governor Jan Brewer could still be considering Charles Ryan to head up the prison system. His lax oversight has led to the death of an inmate under the most savage conditions. He must not be confirmed as head of the Department of Corrections!

The guards involved, the ones who were reportedly laughing at Powell begging for water while out in the hot sun, must be brought up on charges. Where's grandstanding County Attorney Andrew Thomas when real crime is committed by public officials?

Oh, he's too busy pressing a case against Supervisor Don Stapley that will wind up going nowhere, or going after Attorney General Terry Goddard, in another case that will go nowhere ("They're All About the Perp Walk," Sarah Fenske, October 8). That is, wasting our money while letting real publicly paid criminals stay free.
Tal Kramer, Phoenix

Yes, it's an outrage: I can't imagine a worse way to go than being left out in the intense Arizona heat in a cage to defecate all over yourself and then die of heatstroke.

I don't care what Marcia Powell did to get thrown in the DOC, no human being deserves this! It's an outrage if charges aren't brought against those responsible!
Ann Hicks, Phoenix

New job for "Darth" Ryan: With Marcia Powell's murder happening on his watch, how in hell is Charles Ryan still in the running to head the Arizona Department of Corrections?! Governor Jan Brewer must be the ditz she seemed during state budget negotiations.

I'll tell you where Ryan fits in: as a detention officer for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He'd fit right in at the Fourth Avenue Jail, where he could abuse/kill prisoners left and right.

L.C. Kocinski, via the Internet

In other words, shame on a lot of people: Marcia Powell deserved much better from our society. She was, after all, a human being with a soul. Marcia Powell was brutally murdered.

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