Ahwatukee deserves to know whether DiCiccio disclosed that to Gary Verburg, or whether he just gave him the drive-by version. But, of course, Verburg can't talk. He's got to abide by attorney-client privilege, unless DiCiccio releases him from it.

Come on now. If DiCiccio is going to use a taxpayer-funded attorney to provide his defense, the least he can do is allow that attorney to speak honestly to anyone who inquires — not just reporters he considers "friendly."

David J. Ramirez, at lunch with the city's public information staff during happier times.
David J. Ramirez, at lunch with the city's public information staff during happier times.

DiCiccio's letter to Verburg undercuts his supposed defense. The real question is whether Verburg, ungagged, will do the same.

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Coco Taylor's comment -- "We play like that. We tease. When we see a cute guy, we tease. We're like that in our culture. That doesn't mean we're harassing anyone" -- is ridiculous. Ramirez is American, not a recent immigrant. And he's working in the U.S. white-collar culture. He needs to be professional. It isn't like there are two sets of rules on the job.


I just want to know why anyone working for the government makes 100K a year? 35 hour work week? No wonder why the state budget is out of wack!!!! Fire them all, do they really do anything, would their absence be felt? I think the good citizens of Arizona would get along just fine with out them!!!!!


Mr. Montiel had made a horrible career choice in doing this to the man who extended his hand out to help him and even get him hired.

Montiel is nothing but an ungrateful fool. I think he just got a bit too comfortable NOT working for the City of Phoenix to realize that Ramirez was only trying to say.. dude, get back to work.

The jokes, comments and openness of Ramirez' conversations only speak of the tight family environment Ramirez and obviously before this scandal.. Ramirez had a well-tuned running machine in the PIO office.

Montiel - tu no sabes en el lio que te has metido. Te digo desde ahorita que empiezes a buscar un nuevo trabajo porque este ya no te va a durar mucho. Y creo que con la mala publicidad que te has traido, seria preferido que te mudes a otra ciudad para que nadie conozca tu historial.

Tal ves el dano que le has hecho a Ramirez sea temporal pero en muchos circulos todos saben que tu eres un tracionero. Tal vez en California or la Florida seas mejor acceptado.

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