I'm not naïve enough to think hippie music will ever die. In fact, I'm certain it won't, because there are just too many people out there who don't listen to much else. But, it may be a decade before it gets back to full strength. Sooner or later, we'll get our "Touch of Grey" moment, and a new generation will hop onboard. By that time, the college kids playing Frisbee before the acoustic set will be the couples carrying kids in paisley baby slings, the couples carrying kids in baby swings will be the crusty old hippies in the back, and the crusty old hippies in the back will be gone.

Phish is and will continue to be the most vital jam band in the world — but that title doesn't carry as much water as it used to. They're legends. They even got David Fricke, that citadel of Rolling Stone-type ass-lick rock "criticism," to pen an exultant essay about the band's connection to Exile for the program handed out before Phish donned their musical costume. Tellingly, though, the show did not even get a mention on Pitchfork.com — not even to be mocked mercilessly.

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Marquee Theatre in Tempe

The die-hards are still onboard, obviously, and they will continue to be. I was hoping to see a huge Phish festival akin to the ones I heard about in my college days. Yes, maybe the music is still there, but I didn't sleep in a tent for the music. (If I had to sleep in a tent to hear the sort of music I like, I would have done it long before now.) I slept in a tent to be part of a spectacular scene, and those scenes just aren't around anymore.

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Really showing off your west coast roots, totally clueless article.


Keep in mind that with the exception of Big Cypress, all the other Phish festivals were in the middle of summer, aka school is not in session.

having a festival during halloween=keeping massive amounts of college students out of the game


FYI, I've been to a few Phish fests and while you might think it "tame," the rest of us -- who didn't necessarily like dealing with the chaos/mud/dirtiness of past fests -- found it to be a little like paradise. Not to de-value any of the other fests, but this one was, by far, the best Phish fest I've attended. It was just so damn easy, the art was awesome, the band was on, and I had plenty of room to dance and get up front, if I so wanted. Hope to see next year's fest in the same place, at the same date. I'll be there. I hope...


I think the scene was so tame because security was so tight. I liked it... I wasn't there for a party, I was there for a music. If you want a party make your own.


You should have tried the shrooms!

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