Revival Tour

Chuck Ragan
Chuck Ragan


The Revival Tour is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10.
Chasers Nightclub in Scottsdale
Old hardcore rockers don't die — they just learn to play "This Land is Your Land." At least, that seems to be the operating principle behind this newly annual roots-rock hootenanny. Only Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music is back from the last year's maiden Revival Tour, but the format is the same: a steady trickle of your favorite post-punk frontpeople, performing various acoustic, Americana-ized versions of their greatest hits, as well as some original tunes. This year, Ragan is joined by Jim Ward (Sparta and At the Drive-In), Joey Cape (Lagwagon), and solo performers Frank Turner and Audra Mae. Presumably, the show will also feature steel pedals, fiddles, and the somewhat incongruous sight of young men with forearm tattoos moshing to music about "trains and whiskey," as a New Times reviewer phrased it after last year's show. But, hey, if Robert Plant can dabble in bluegrass and emo bands can do Latin dance-pop, what's the harm in a bunch of aging punkers making like Woody Guthrie? Take note: The Revival Tour will be revived at Chasers Nightclub, not The Sets, as was originally announced.
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