One of the tattooed skinheads shouted at the crowd through a bullhorn, telling those who appeared Jewish, "You'd make a nice lampshade."

J.T. Ready, the Ernst Roehm of the East Valley, got in on the Jew-baiting bandwagon during his brief remarks. Sporting a fuzzy Tyrolean chapeau, the morbidly obese social reject who was twice court-martialed and booted from the U.S. Marines, blamed "people with yarmulkes on their heads" for supporting "criminal elements" in the community. A laughable charge coming from a guy with a criminal record.

There was a lot of posing from these pseudo storm troopers, with one cue ball from Missouri actually getting in my face. The anarchists, however, were in rare form, chanting, "Follow your leader and kill yourself," a reference to Hitler's offing himself in his führer bunker toward the end of WWII.

Don Logan (left) and Phoenix police Lieutenant Heston Silbert, at the recent ADL of Arizona awards function.
Stephen Lemons
Don Logan (left) and Phoenix police Lieutenant Heston Silbert, at the recent ADL of Arizona awards function.


Read another example of racial profiling by Sheriff Joe's forces in New Times' series "Are Your Papers in Order?" This week: "Rules Be Damned."

Ultimately, the Nazis proved themselves the lowlife degenerates that they are, and the anarchists proved themselves a viable force to be reckoned with, doing the job that none of the civil rights activists in town wanted to take on — letting the Nazis know they're unwelcome.

The cops deserve kudos for keeping order, though they were basically protecting the Nazi maniacs from getting their butts kicked. You decide whether the latter would have been a positive.


Local nativists mostly steered clear of the Nazi rally. They have their own prejudice picnic coming up, on November 14 on the Capitol lawn. It's an Anti-Amnesty Tea Party, one of about 50 promised nationally by the North Carolina-based Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, led by notorious Hispanic-basher William Gheen.

The tea party may lack swastikas, but much of the rhetoric assailing Latinos will be the same as the Nazis'. Local anti-immigrant group United for a Sovereign America, which has been pimping the event on its Web site, has accepted neo-Nazis such as J.T. Ready and old-line storm trooper Elton Hall into their meetings, as well as other assorted racists, Klan members, and bigoted insaniacs.

One person likely to be there Saturday will be nativist and U.S.A. member Lynne Stevens, a meaty 65-year-old who sports a Smith & Wesson on her hip and a Gilligan cap on her head. She was present as an observer at the neo-Nazi shindig, videotaping the proceedings for her YouTube site, Jackie40d.

Stevens has been a persistent protester outside Salvador Reza's Macehualli Day Labor Center and is known for making provocative statements in her videos. In one, she lamented that she couldn't just start shooting pro-immigrant activists. In another, she looks at a small group of day laborers and fantasizes, "Throw in one grenade and kill 'em all with one shot."

Imagine my surprise to learn that Stevens, who is white, may be a member of a persecuted minority herself. At least that is what I thought when someone sent me a link to her profile on the Web site "MySpace for T-Girls," which bills itself as the "Premier Crossdresser and Transgender Social Networking Site."

There, Stevens is pictured in a dark wig and lingerie. She describes herself as "transsexual" and states that she's been "living as female for years now." Her turnoffs are "extreme fruitcakes and open-border people."

When I asked Stevens about the page recently, she admitted it was hers but maintained that she's been a woman since birth and fakes being a transsexual only so that she can talk to TSers online.

"I'm a genuine, guaranteed lezzy," Stevens told me. "I just have crazy TS girlfriends."

On her biker vest, Stevens wears a patch that reads, "Lesbian and Proud of It." She discerns no cognitive dissonance in courting one oppressed class of folks and threatening another. She insisted she's not anti-Mexican before telling me that she has hunted illegal immigrants along the border, calling them "fair game."

"I have a .22 [handgun], which is for eliminating people down at the border," she told me nonchalantly. "I have a .22 rifle, which is for plinking them off at longer distances."

Stevens was probably pulling my leg, but she does seem to enjoy talking about killing people. Illegal entry into the United States is a federal misdemeanor, BTW. Murder, a capital offense.

It ain't likely that Stevens would take kindly to people bragging about offing lesbians or transgenders, even if they were just fooling. What betrays Stevens' sick mind is not her sexuality but her psychopathic hatred of Mexican immigrants. A hatred for which she — transgender or not — is embraced in the nativist scene.

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Very good blog.This one is the blog which I like most I do agree with Pulsifer too! I absolutely accept as true with everything you have stated. It’s always good to share and compare opinions when it comes to this kind matter.


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Beetle Bailey
Beetle Bailey

I agree with Pulsifer. Lemons gives credit where credit is due. If a cop does something meritorious, like Silbert, he's credited. If he fucks up like MCSO's Loren Gatyan in Guadalupe, Lemons lets 'em have it. That's fair and the job of a watchdog. Keep it up, Lemons.

Emil Pulsifer
Emil Pulsifer

Phoenix New Times doesn't publish "anti-police" articles. They have been highly critical of the MCSO, but even then, some writers (e.g., Stephen Lemons) have on several occasions bent over backwards to note that the MCSO has some fine deputies but a derelict and corrupt administration.


Bravo to Lt. Silbert. Is that guy like 7 feet tall or what? When the skinheads see this big ass cop, they better atart runnin'. Nice to see the New Times praise police instead of tearing them down for a change. They ain't all bad.

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