Johnson, a seven-year council veteran and the only black council member, was also the only member to vote "no" on Cavazos' nomination as city manager. He tells me that Howard's involvement troubled him.

Johnson suggests it was a factor in Alton Washington's disgust with Cavazos' selection as well. "There was a huge integrity issue," Johnson tells me. "He didn't feel that he could support Cavazos . . . Alton wasn't susceptible to the influence of a developer."

Indeed, Johnson tells me that when people were lining up to fill the council seat of Maria Baier, who resigned this summer to take a job with the state, the city manager's replacement was already an issue.

Howard, he says, was asking applicants whether or not they'd support Cavazos for city manager.

Johnson's assertions are enormously troubling to me. Howard, after all, frequently does business at City Hall. Just a few weeks ago, the council voted against a plan Howard was pitching, with developer Reid Butler, to put higher-density housing at Camelback and Central.

The pair had hoped to bring new development not only to a parcel they controlled, but also to a neighboring parcel owned by the city, which contains some historic homes. The council blocked the Butler/Howard plan by starting a process to sell the historic homes to families committed to living there, rather than those who would tear them down.

But as is often the case at City Hall, the devil may be in the details. The request for proposals that the city will issue to find buyers for the homes is still being written by city staff.

Those staff members now answer to David Cavazos.

I have to wonder if the Camelback and Central project was one reason that Wayne Howard was so interested in the city manager's selection process. After all, if we believe Councilman Johnson — and I have no reason not to — Howard was setting the table all the way back in August.

That allegation certainly jibes with what I'm hearing from Oscar Tillman. The NAACP president arranged a meeting October 13 with Gordon, Councilman Johnson, and other leaders in the black community. That was only days after the deadline to apply for the job, but Tillman says he knew at that point that Cavazos was set to get the council's nod.

After talking to numerous City Hall sources, I'm not convinced that things were quite so cut and dried. The executive session in which Cavazos was chosen, after all, lasted eight hours — hardly a sign of a united body.

But there was clearly a sense among insiders that Cavazos would get the job. (See: Alton Washington's retirement.)

And Tillman's prediction ultimately proved correct. That, in and of itself, proves his point, he says. "Any time Oscar Tillman knows who's going to be the next city manager, well, where's the transparency in that?"

Ultimately, Tillman believes that Gordon did what he could to squelch outside interest in the position, just to line things up for Cavazos. In August, he says, insiders began discussing Ed Beasley, the Glendale city manager, as a possible contender.

Almost immediately thereafter, Tillman says, Gordon gave an interview to the Arizona Republic saying that candidates should have experience in a city at least the size of the Phoenix.

That rules out just about anybody who hasn't already worked here. (Trust me, I don't think we're likely to lure anyone with top management experience in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles.)

"That was not a coincidence," Tillman says.

The October 13 meeting ended on a fractious note, as both men confirm. Gordon's chief of staff had come to fetch him for another appointment, and the mayor said his goodbyes. On the way out the door, Gordon awkwardly tossed off a line about how all the assembled ministers in the room should pray for him — other than Tillman.


Gordon was joking, as he stressed on the phone with me last week. But you know what they say about jokes: They're only funny if they have the ring of truth.

For the record, Gordon strenuously denies Tillman's accusations. He says he didn't try to block Beasley and he wasn't definitely on board the Cavazos wagon at the time of the October meeting with Tillman. He tried to downplay a rift with the minister: "I consider him a friend, even if there are some difficulties there now. We've always had a very good relationship."

I hope Gordon is right and the two can patch things up. But I have to admit, after everything I've heard about the city manager selection process, it's not the relationship between Gordon and Tillman that worries me most.

I'm worried about the relationship between David Cavazos and Wayne Howard.

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Why is this two year old article appearing on the current website?

dan smith
dan smith 1 Like

so that is how he got the job --- the mayor and all the city council members only voted for cavasos because some developer told them how to vote lol


Hey Sarah, are you free for drinks?

Jeff 1 Like

This is really a poorly supported story. There are no facts. The reporter calls Howard Wayne a well connected developer yet does not provide any proof of this. The only thing she mentioned is one project he had that was NOT approved by the City Council. Huh? Does not sound well connected to me.

No what we have here is pretty simple. The African American legisltor wanted an African-American manager, and he did not get one because no African American applied. Sounds like the only potential African American candidate took his ball and went home because he could not be guaranteed the job. he should have fought for the job.

J. Marquez
J. Marquez

This resistance to a rise in Latino political power has been the gameplan of African American Democrat politicians in Phoenix and AZ (and many other parts of the country) for some time and it's getting old. The only reason all of these stupid and old issues regarding Cavazos have come up is because of this resistance. I have worked with and seen Cavazos work in the city and in the community and I've been quite pleased with his work. Does he have weaknesses and areas of needed improvement? Of course, as do we all and as do all the other candidates for that position, but to claim he's unworthy or unqualified is insulting. To suggest that he wouldn't learn from past indiscretions too is also insulting. And to suggest that any other candidate is completely free of indiscretions is laughable. The only reason Cavazos' are front and center are because he was the one selected, he's Latino, and he's not African American. I see this as a selection based on Cavazos' potential and it is not an unreasonable selection, irregardless of which developers supported or didn't support him. Again, as someone above mentioned, I see that as a verification that he's qualified, not that he's corrupt. I certainly hope that Councilman Johnson focuses more on being a true representative of his ENTIRE district, not just the black part of it.


It is just a matter of time for the truth about Cavazos to drip out like puss from an old festering wound. Would somebody PLEASE check public records on the vacation he took in 2006 to Africa and took his entire family? We paid for it. Ic an guarantee you they didn't sleep in tents out in the Sahara!!!

Roger Morris
Roger Morris

Now African American, Black Leaders in Arizona stand up! Oh don't let men, women, children, brown skin, brown eyed, men, women or children be detained, rendered and forced to ATTEST to their citizenship and naturalization. But, when it comes to a JOB POSITION, it's boo hoo time! It's boo hoo time! Meanwhile in the fields of no dreams, no jobs, no health care, no BUDGET REVENUE producing bills in the Senate or the House. It's boo hoo boo hoo, you got my job! What is that! Seriously what is that! Can't stand up when an immigrant has to hide and stand down! Can't stand up when the next RAID on him, her, that company that corporation that water park, that cab company. It's boo hoo from the NAACP who simply have standed down when immigrants have standed up! What has Rev Tillman done for you lately! Nothing from nothing obviously in Arizona, Phoenix Arizona Nothing! MY VOTE WILL COUNT! Now you stand up! While the GOP GENERATIONAL THEFT BY DECEPTION appropriate nothing but Trespassing in the GOP First Degree.

Hank Hill
Hank Hill

I read this article and thought, "So what?" Did you ever stop to think that IF Howard advocated for Cavazos maybe he did it because he is the best candidate?

Who cares what Johnson thinks. He's a councilman of a predominately Latino district but none of his five staff members are Latino. Maybe do a story about that?

Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen

Sarah, thanks for keeping the public straight on the inner workings of Phoenix and the good ole boys who pull the strings. Always hope it isn't so but once again should we be surprised? They make us sick.


So where's the smoking gun on this conspiracy? So what if Howard supported Cavazos? Has Cavazos actually done anything unethical?

As for Tillman and Johnson, sounds like sour grapes over not getting a black city manager, Beasley, appointed. Go to the City of Glendale website and you'll see three of the five direct reports to Beasley are black. Where's the conspiracy there? Glendale has to be atleast 30% Hispanic and yet there isn't any Hispanics in the top six positions? By the way, Phoenix is less than 8% black.

Tillman and Johnson should be ashamed of themselves for their loose conjecture!


Chris from Georgia, why would anyone ranting about arpaio in Arizona be a problem for you?

Maybe I need to start worrying about what's be said about your governor in Georgia, huh?


The other NT sites are OK. But the Phx site seethes with anti-Arpaio-ism and yokel politico corruption that should surprise absolutely no one...

The Arpaio rants are getting old...only the voters will decide.


No !!!! A politico owing his job to a developer !

So, like, what's news about that ?

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