Festival Required

Lionized indie filmmaker shows off his latest creations

Since it’s called “No Festival Required” rather than “No Festival Allowed,” perhaps Steve Weiss’ downtown film series doesn’t lose all credibility in sheepishly admitting to sponsorship of, well, a festival. Especially since the subject of No Fest’s Alex Karpovsky Film Festival, one Alex Karpovsky, has such indie chops.

The festival’s opening selection is 2008’s Woodpecker. Working with a budget considerably below the Jurassic Park level, Karpovsky nonetheless crafted a movie in which characters travel to a remote area in search of a creature thought extinct: the ivory-billed woodpecker, declared extinct in the ’40s but supposedly spotted several times in recent years in rural Arkansas. The movie follows the efforts of a hardcore birdwatcher to add this ultimate rara avis to his life list.

Karpovsky is scheduled to be present and answer questions.

Sat., Nov. 28, 8 p.m., 2009
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