Off the Meat Hook

The gluten bird takes wing again at Tempe’s Green

Some meals are more equal than others, especially when you’re an unlucky animal looking down the business end of a slaughterhouse power saw.

Green, the vegan/“New American” restaurant in Tempe, hosts its second annual, family-friendly ThanksLIVING, a T-Day banquet of compassion and excellent foodstuffs, minus the “T,” as it were. The menu features seitan turkey breast with vegan giblet gravy, cranberry and walnut stuffing, sweet roasted corn, garlic mashed potatoes, brown butter asparagus and brussels sprouts, salads, breads, pies, and cobblers. The event’s gonna be off the meat hook, as Farm Sanctuary co-founder Gene Bauer will provide an introduction and musical guests Coats and Villa, POEM, Snow Songs, and Hooves will sing their big, tender hearts out.

Thu., Nov. 26, 12-4 p.m., 2009
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