Kimber Lanning, owner of Modified Arts

Show: Don Caballero (May 2004)

"The guy [drummer Damon Che] was wearing those sorta Rollins-style running shorts, which was all he had on. He was a super-hairy dude and at one point he came out from behind the drums and bent down on one knee to play the recorder. There was a whole bunch of dudes across the front of the stage watching the show and when he bent down, everyone went, 'Woah!' and kinda turned their heads suddenly. It was some funny shit. So he must've apparently fallen completely out of his shorts and, like, every guy in the front was desperately trying to shield his eyes.

Elf Power performs at Modified Arts in November 2008.
Victor Palagano
Elf Power performs at Modified Arts in November 2008.

Location Info


Modified Arts

407 E. Roosevelt St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Category: Art Galleries

Region: Central Phoenix


Modified Arts is scheduled to hold shows through Saturday, December 12. See for a complete schedule.

"If nothing else, Modified was a place where you had to play the cards you were dealt. There was no hiding behind a massive stage or special lighting. It's a very raw place. You never knew what you were gonna get. It was just like being naked in a sense, which, in Don Cab's case, was the truth.

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Cruisin Central
Cruisin Central

Oh We'll Miss this venue! I remember when LifeGarden would play this spot,the Thursday Abstract experimental Jazz Nights,also when Negativeland was there...Oh Wait! OOPS....That was METROPOPHOBIA! Back before the Yuppies & Mtv kids wanted to feign an interest in art or the city(only once it's sanitized for them of course).How come the O.G Phoenix gets forgotten in these witless revisions? always,it seems.Maybe they could try and learn something about the neighborhoods rich history- or maybe it's enough to just pretend they were down and not ask questions and try to learn.I'm Happy we had either venue though really,Hats off to Everyone!! MODIFIED AND METROPOPHOBIA! Seems like they each held it down for a similar amount of time too.Thanks Phx People!


My favorite memory of Modified Arts was when Miranda July came through and performed her spoken word/new media performance pieces. Much of the materials in her performance would develop into the movie "Me, You and Everyone We Know". Brilliant. My band, Mondegreen, has had some great shows there, too. Glad we got to do a final set there just after Thanksgiving.

Doug Hotchkiss
Doug Hotchkiss

" was nothing more than a quirky art space"? shows what you know...back your new times front page up to Dec 3 1998- it was Metropophobobia, and that was more amazing than you could know leatherboy. and there was gallery x and rancho de los muertos, and the lodge and company store too. get a clue grasshopper.


Give due credit to the guy who braved the crack houses and blight in the 90's, Peter Regan, who ran Metropophobobia, what is now Modified. He was one of the people who layed the ground work for Modified and ALL that's happening in downtown Phoenix now. He helped GENTRIFY down town, as well as Doug Hotchkiss of The Company Store what is now The Lodge. As well as Beatrice Moore and Tony Zahn and Rose Johnson and Mike Miskowsky and all the artists at The House(which has recently burned down) All the people who STARTED the art scene downtown. These people started something when there wasn't a crowd.


Jeez, now who is everyone going to suck up to?


Not to take anything away from Kimber Lanning and her valuble contribution to downtown Phoenix- but that "quirky art gallery" that Modified "was nothing more than" was Metropophobobia, a place where on any given night you might experience something amazing (or something crappy or maybe nothing at all :-) Unlike Modified, it was a place of more art than music and doomed not to make money, I still kinda miss it.

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