Captain Sands and Sergeant Rich Burden are recorded laughing repeatedly about Bear­up being barred from seeking office.

Keep in mind that Bearup was a fringe candidate who polled a mere 7 percent of the vote. No matter. He was a former member of Arpaio's command staff. They did not want him speaking out.

Sheriff Arpaio personally called Captain Sands the night the papers were served, and his conversation is also recorded.

Jim Cozzolino in his garage: Joe Arpaio's abuse is cruelly evident in Cozzolino's case.
New Times
Jim Cozzolino in his garage: Joe Arpaio's abuse is cruelly evident in Cozzolino's case.
National Socialist Movement member Thomas Coletto with Sheriff Joe Arpaio
National Socialist Movement member Thomas Coletto with Sheriff Joe Arpaio

"What happened?" demanded Arpaio.

Once again, the captain laughed loudly as he recounted Bearup's response to the order barring him from running against Arpaio for five years.

"Oh, no. Oh, no," Captain Sands mimics Bearup replying to the news.

"That really rattled him," the captain told Arpaio. "He didn't know the five years was coming down the pipe."

Sands' hearty laughter anchored the tape.

Former Congressman Sam Coppersmith, an attorney who consults on campaign-finance reporting issues, said he'd never heard of anyone being banned from seeking office.

"There is no death penalty," said Coppersmith.

A spokeswoman for Karen Osborne, director of elections for the Maricopa County Recorder's Office, said she remembered the Bearup case and the sheriff's investigation.

"In this case, he could not run for office," recalled Yvonne Reed.

Asked to verify the specific statute, Reed pulled the law book and admitted that there was nothing in it whatsoever about barring a candidate from seeking future office.

Reached in Alaska, where he is a minister in a small, fundamentalist church, Bearup has never forgotten what happened when he stepped down as Arpaio's right hand to run against the sheriff.

"They started a criminal investigation, sealed off my office with tape like a crime scene," said Bearup.

Deputy David Cool later wrote then-County Attorney Rick Romley that he'd been ordered to write a phony memo accusing Bearup of planning to attack the Sheriff's Office with explosives. Cool said he was ordered to make the false accusation by Arpaio's second-in-command, Deputy David Hendershott.

"It was atrocious," said Bearup recently. "I stood up to him, I ran against him, I became a victim."

A source familiar with the Justice Department's investigation, but unauthorized to speak on the record, disclosed that the federal probe is unlikely to focus upon, let alone bring charges against, County Attorney Thomas.

Thomas enjoys the privileges and protections of the legal profession.

Furthermore, any hopes that meaningful civil rights prosecutions of Sheriff Joe Arpaio will result from FBI interrogations or federal lawyers' efforts appear futile.

"Typically, you might get a civil rights monitor in place or some sort of civil-administrative remedy, in a civil rights investigation," said our source. "But it is rare for a large-scale criminal prosecution to result."

Mayor Gordon's initial complaint, in April 2008, was acted upon by Attorney General Michael Mukasey. The mayor complained about numerous civil rights violations.

We are informed, however, that Mukasey's response was "tepid."

Nonetheless, our source maintains that federal authorities have a full-scale investigation under way.

"It is serious," said this observer, "and it is focused upon abuse of authority."

In other words, the systemic and inhumane treatment of Mexican-American citizens and Mexican immigrants appears beyond the reach of Obama's Justice Department.

Instead, Justice Department attorneys and FBI agents give greater weight to Sheriff Arpaio's "abuse of authority": If you speak out against the sheriff, Arpaio and his deputies show up at your home in the middle of the night.

The sheriff's notorious record of investigating and silencing critics is the focus of the Justice Department's lawyers and the FBI's agents.

If prosecuted under Conspiracy Against Rights or Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, Arpaio could face one to 10 years in prison.

While Bearup eventually appealed the death sentence, the attempt to silence him is outrageous.

And yet, 13 months after President Barack Obama was elected, his lawyers and his investigators have not put their hands on the Bearup tape.

It gets worse.

Captain Sands had the names of three people: the candidate, Tom Bearup, and two campaign volunteers. One of the volunteers, Jim Cozzolino, was clearly the primary target.

When the captain served Bearup, he inquired: "What's going on with Cozzolino? I could be the guy to help you."

Clearly, Bearup's problems would disappear if he would give up Cozzolino.

But Bearup had nothing to trade.

"I can't tell you he did anything wrong," said Bearup.

This is not what Sheriff Arpaio and his command staff wanted to hear. Cozzolino ran one of the first anti-Arpaio Web sites. He exercised his First Amendment opinion on his blog in 1998, long before reality TV stars tweeted.

Later, Sands and Burden shared more laughter as the captain regaled the sergeant with how he told Cozzolino's son that his father was a bad citizen.

This has got to be eating him alive, the deputies agreed.

"It's a matter of time before he ends up a statistic," said Sands.

When Arpaio phoned Sands, the captain reported about Bearup: "I tried to get him to talk about Cozzolino."

Two years later, still intent on silencing Cozzolino, the deputies would jail the sheriff's critic in one of the most outrageous acts of political retribution in Arpaio's vivid history.

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how about he clean his own crap for a start. Illegal is ILLEGAL get good


You call this telling the truth . It nothing short of horse shit.


You call this telling the truth . It nothing short of horse shit.


You call this telling the truth . It nothing short of horse shit.


Are you kidding me...

"President Barack Obama gracefully accepted the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in OsloNorway."

Since then he has illegally started or involved us with wars in Libya and Syria, intensified fighting in Afghanistan, and claimed to withdraw our troops from Iraq, after the Iraqi government refused to extend our stay and grant immunity to U.S. Soldiers. This of course, was the timeline set by the previous war criminal, Bush. 

Could you be any more biased in your "journalism" with this article?

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