Media that spoke out or criticized were banned from Sheriff's Office press conferences and from its headquarters in the Wells Fargo Building downtown. One newspaper had to sue simply to obtain press releases.

When this newspaper examined the hidden, as well as the obvious, real estate holdings of the sheriff, Arpaio invoked an obscure statute to claim we had imperiled his life by listing the address of his home property — an address found, by the way, on his nominating petitions.

Arpaio caused grand jury subpoenas to be issued that demanded all the reporters' notes on every story we had written about him over the preceding four years.

Arpaio and a nativist award
Social Eye Media
Arpaio and a nativist award
Former Sheriff’s Office candidate Dan Saban was subjected to constitutional infringements by Arpaio and his deputies.
Aj Alexander
Former Sheriff’s Office candidate Dan Saban was subjected to constitutional infringements by Arpaio and his deputies.

Arpaio also caused grand jury subpoenas to be issued that sought our computer records. The sheriff sought the identity of all readers who'd viewed online articles critical of the sheriff.

On October 18, 2007, publisher Jim Larkin and I revealed in a cover story the existence of the unconstitutional abuse of the grand jury. That evening, Sheriff Arpaio's deputies came to our homes, banged upon our doors, and handcuffed and arrested us in the middle of the night.

In short order, Judge Anna Baca — yes, the same judge named in Arpaio and Thomas' lawsuit — discovered what this newspaper already had reported: There was no grand jury; the prosecutor had illegally issued the subpoenas without a grand jury.

Chief Deputy David Hendershott had ordered our arrest.

On the same evening of our arrests, Arpaio's deputies served New Times reporter Ray Stern at home with a citation for his pursuit of public records involving the Sheriff's Office.

All charges against the staff and leadership of New Times were dropped.

Mailer got it wrong.

"The cameos of security for the average white: mother and the home, job and the family, are not even a mockery to millions of Negroes; they are impossible," wrote Mailer. "He subsisted for his Saturday night kicks, relinquishing the pleasures of the mind for the more obligatory pleasures of the body."

Here we see the failure of Mailer's imagination and his love of provocation. He lived in cracker times and succumbed to cracker analysis, however acrobatic.

Mailer failed to see that it is less about black and white, and more acutely about insider and outsider.

"It is no accident that the source of Hip is the Negro, for he has been living on the margin between totalitarianism and democracy for two centuries."

But that is precisely the problem.

Obama has not straddled the divide between oppression and democracy. He is the ultimate insider.

General Eisenhower, forged in combat, understood the decisive act.

Our current president does not.

Barack Obama, molded in moot court, sent Arizona attorneys with brief cases but no brief.

As editor of the Harvard Law Review, Obama became as pink as any WASP.

We see now that a good LSAT score is no match for law enforcement barbarism.

Sheriff Arpaio's crushing abuse of the First Amendment is nowhere more cruelly executed than in the case of Jim Cozzolino, one of the first critics buried under renegade law enforcement.

And it is the failure of the FBI and lawyers from the Justice Department to even question Cozzolino that raises alarming concern about the integrity of their investigation.

In 2000, when Captain Sands served the paperwork on candidate Bearup, the deputy made a point of trying to get Bearup to give up something damaging about Cozzolino. On the tape recording, the officers discuss with each other nailing Cozzolino. Sands repeats this conversation thread with Arpaio.

You see, by the time of the campaign in 2000, Cozzolino had been running an anti-Arpaio Web site for two years. It was on the site that embittered deputies spilled their guts and where critics learned the latest on the sheriff.

When Captain Sands bragged that Cozzolino was well on his way to becoming a statistic in 2000, it was a boast the Sheriff's Office made good on.

In 2002, the MCSO arrested Cozzolino and charged him with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

A drunken employee at a bowling alley Cozzolino owned had attacked a female co-worker, choking the woman.

When the 5-foot, 4-inch Cozzolino tried to protect the woman, he was tossed aside and beaten.

After she'd fled, Cozzolino grabbed a pistol — he was a licensed firearms instructor — and the gun accidentally discharged. He didn't shoot at anyone; no one was wounded. In fact, Cozzolino was outdoors when the gun discharged, and the belligerent was still inside the bowling alley.

Both the woman and the troublemaker gave videotaped statements supporting Cozzolino.

The Sheriff's Office raided Cozzolino's home. They seized computers, family photographs, and the medals he was awarded for service in the Vietnam War. They also impounded his extremely rare 1974 Pantera, an expensive restoration project. None of the seizures had anything to do with the bogus charges.

Cozzolino's attorney received an anonymous letter that claimed to be from a Maricopa County deputy.

"From the beginning, it was ordered by Arpaio and Hendershott that Mr. Cozzolino was to be charged with anything he could be charged with, regardless if it could be proven," said the letter.

"I watched them tamper with the taped video recordings of the victim and witnesses taken after the incident; I watched them change the statements in their reports and lie about what actually happened at Fountain Hills Bowl that night.

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how about he clean his own crap for a start. Illegal is ILLEGAL get good


You call this telling the truth . It nothing short of horse shit.


You call this telling the truth . It nothing short of horse shit.


You call this telling the truth . It nothing short of horse shit.


Are you kidding me...

"President Barack Obama gracefully accepted the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in OsloNorway."

Since then he has illegally started or involved us with wars in Libya and Syria, intensified fighting in Afghanistan, and claimed to withdraw our troops from Iraq, after the Iraqi government refused to extend our stay and grant immunity to U.S. Soldiers. This of course, was the timeline set by the previous war criminal, Bush. 

Could you be any more biased in your "journalism" with this article?

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