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Couple builds homes that won’t be foreclosed

Many husbands and wives dream of working together – that is, until they realize they’ll be with their spouse every second of every day with no escape (except maybe the bathroom). That didn’t scare local artist Roy Wasson Valle, who recently partnered with wife Koryn Woodward Wasson on a new project for an exhibit at a downtown gallery.

How’d it work out? Well, the couple is still on speaking terms, so that’s a good sign. “It went pretty smoothly,” says Valle. “We had disagreements, of course, but we work okay together.”

Meet the arty couple during a Third Friday reception for their collaborative “Village” show at Pravus. The exhibition features an imaginary world filled with freaky clay creatures and animated houses perched atop felt-covered Styrofoam islands. New sculptures have been added since the show opened. It’s the beginning of what Valle says will be a continuing project inspired by dreams and real-life events. “We’re trying to buy a house right now and it’s been on our minds,” he explains. “We’ve entered this strange world of real estate and foreclosures.”

Perhaps that’s why more of Valle’s clay houses are frowning than smiling.

Fri., Dec. 18, 6-10 p.m., 2009
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