She Sees Demons

Between episodes, her mother says, the girl is a good student and artist. She brings out a notebook filled with careful drawings. Her daughter wants to be a cosmetologist, she says, and has decided she wants to return to Mexico when she gets out of the ADJC; her father and grandmother live there. That's a good thing, since her paperwork indicates that ICE already has a hold on her; she's set to be deported to Mexico when she turns 18, in January 2010. (Interview translated by Malia Politzer)

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Ironically, I just found out that the another psychologist from Adobe Mountain is being laid off. WTF?


I used to hear demons too and used to have anxiety attacks, I was literally going crazy. But it went away when I accepted Jesus in my heart. The word of God says that we can cast out demons in the name of Jesus. Read your word, get close to God. How can I talk to this girl or the Mom I would like to help?


My prayers go out to that poor girl. Living in this religiously blind society that is choked with science that claims there's no room for God most won't stop to think that maybe she sees what she says she sees; demons are quite possibly tormenting her. We must remember that just because alot of people like to pretend that certain things don't exist it doesn't mean that they don't.

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