6. Something unexpected. I adore an amazing, perfectly cooked steak. I love to sink my teeth into a juicy burger. I must be made out of pizza, if we are what we eat. And who could turn down a cupcake?

But the thrill of the new is a thrill, indeed. It's not a stretch to predict that we'll continue to see more new upscale steakhouses and gourmet pizza places and the like — I'm just eager to see what else is in the works.

How about a good slice of pie?

Breakfast of champions, why are you so elusive?
Jamie Peachey
Breakfast of champions, why are you so elusive?

7. A Vietnamese banh mi shop near the New Times building. And finally, on a completely selfish, microcosmic level, I wish somebody would open up a cheap joint where I could eat when I'm on deadline. Bags of vending machine pretzels aren't cutting it. With barbecued pork sandwiches and sweet, potent iced coffee to fuel hours of typing, 2010 could be one hell of a productive year.

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Yes, oh yes, please tell us about every restaurant & bar that Guy Whats-his-name (dis)graces with his presence. I want to avoid all of them. But hey, I'm not bitter. While the mindless masses are poking their faces full of substandard, overpriced, over-hyped food & booze, and pretending that it's wonderful just because somebody on TV says it is, I'm enjoying a quiet lunch (or dinner or drink) without having to overhear their pretentious prattle. So maybe, in retrospect, I actually should be thanking Guy and all the other food celebrities for keeping their slavish trendoid followers out of my way.