Social Insecurity

An awkward reunion for the Phoenix Suns

Maybe we’re antisocial or something, but for whatever reason, we hate awkward reunions. We doubt anyone likes running into people he or she sort of knew a long time ago; you always get stuck doing that thing where you pretend to be upset that you lost touch with the guy you sat next to in geometry.

Tonight will be a time to revel in other people’s awkward reunions. That’s because the Phoenix Suns will be playing host to the Dallas Mavericks -- the former team of current Suns’ guard Steve Nash and the current team of former Phoenix forward Shawn Marion. The Mavs, led by big man Dirk Nowitzki, are playing great basketball and figure to provide a strong challenge for the struggling Suns.

Thu., Jan. 28, 8:30 p.m., 2010
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