Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, January 28, 2010


Pray for the DREAM Act: It is absolutely a waste that so many of these young undocumented immigrants are flushed into Mexico. Something must be done to put sanity back into our immigration laws and policies.

I guess you could look at it that our loss is Mexico's gain, except that the system is so inbred in Mexico that even people like brilliant engineer Oscar Vasquez are locked out of the system. That is, it really isn't a viable option for him to, say, move to a big Mexican city and put his engineering skills to good use.

Also, in his case, he has a child and wife to think about and must stay near the border.

Those in the story who note that it's stupid for the United States, and particularly Arizona, to force these talented young people out are absolutely right. No matter how you feel about the border problem, there needs to be a way for people who can contribute to our society to say here.

I pray the long-languishing DREAM Act does finally pass so we can get what we pay for with the kids we educate. Also, as far as this U.S. citizen is concerned, any illegal alien who agrees to serve — and serves — in the American military should get automatic citizenship.
Arturo Sanchez, Tempe

Dr. Phil reference? That's where you lost your credibility: While Malia Politzer's "Return to Sender" was an interesting read, Politzer lost credibility for not giving the full picture. For example, Politzer insinuates that honor student Virginia Gutierrez was deported to Mexico for having a broken taillight. Wasn't Gutierrez's real crime having a fake ID?

Journalists need to take a cue from Dr. Phil — there are two sides to every pancake. For every highly motivated and successful student who happens to be an illegal alien, how many go through the school systems learning little to nothing while costing taxpayers a bundle? What percentage of the jail and prison populations comprises illegal aliens brought to the United States by their parents?

I'd like to see a New Times article that examines all sides of the illegal immigration issue in a truthful, accurate, factual manner — one that allows the reader to come to her or his own conclusions. Such an article from New Times will arrive just around the time that Hell freezes over.

Back to Politzer. Mexico should open its arms and doors to deported honors students and college grads. We've educated these people to the hilt at considerable expense, and Mexico ends up with the advantage of talent that these people offer.
Coni Cabot, Phoenix

Digging our own grave: We are digging our own grave by not realistically considering allowing these bright minds to become a part of the United States infrastructure.

What really upsets me is the refusal of strictly anti-immigrant exponents to see the reality of the situation: We've invested in these high-achieving underdogs and refuse to reap the benefits of their years of hard work.
Julie Fine, via the Internet

Lawmakers are sickening: I feel ill. Greed and fear are ruling our lawmakers' decisions. May we soon elect new legislators who have common sense and support for their country's needs and aspirations!
Nancy Bryant-Welch, via the Internet

Prop 300 has hurt Arizona: This is the true story of dreamers after Proposition 300. This is by far the best article I've read about the DREAM Act. How much more do our five-star students have to suffer to achieve their goals? What a waste. We need the DREAM Act now!

Arizona's economy was better before Prop 300 and all the anti-immigrant laws. Immigrants were helping the economy. Why are all those homes abandoned now? Why has home construction collapsed? Small businesses around my area don't exist anymore.

The country needs to accept that we are not doing well with current anti-immigrant laws. The immigration system is broken. Immigrants help our economy grow. Students should not be criminals for wanting an education.
Allie Matias, Phoenix

You probably think you're one of the intelligent ones: I wonder if the writer really believes anyone is fooled by the misleading application of the words "immigration" and "immigrant," or by the euphemism "undocumented."

These people are "immigrants" like home invaders are "guests," and I wonder how easily the writer would agree to call a car thief an "undocumented motorist."

Rather than attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of your readership with wordplay, you might do us all the courtesy of showing both intellectual and ethical honesty and simply advocating the theft of American resources and the elimination of American sovereignty within its own borders.

Pushing for Mexican colonization of America is dirty enough; you might at least do us the courtesy of not insulting our intelligence in the process.
Daniel Kirk, Tempe

An issue of education: The DREAM Act would allow thousands of brilliant students to continue their higher education. It would make sense to allow this, since we have already financed these students' academic careers from kindergarten through 12th grade.

This is not an issue of immigration as much as an issue of education and a national commitment to keep the brightest minds in the United States.

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Give me a break! Illegal mexicans are not stupid. They know how to come here, produce 6 kids that become automatic citizens that taxpayers pay for, receive free public service, and cry racism to anyone who wants to stop them. this country needs to have some b@lls and stop this now! I'll gladly pay more for produce etc. to have this country back. All you need to do is open your eyes in the welfare lines, the crowded ER's, schools, etc to see what these illegal aliens from mexico are doing to this country. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it is a illegal duck! People, if this makes you mad then actually do something about it and write your senators, mayors, etc. and tell them NO AMNESTY!Wonder if this even gets printed with the liberal News now a days.From Calexico

Emil Pulsifer
Emil Pulsifer

Regarding the insightful comment #2:

In fact, it's precisely because the presence of an undocumented alien is NOT a crime under federal law, but a civil matter, that those detained can be denied the legal rights that normally apply, even to heinous criminals. So, in simple point of fact, she wasn't even accused of a crime.

Allan Cameron
Allan Cameron

Coni, "Politzer insinuates that honor student Virginia Gutierrez was deported to Mexico for having a broken taillight. Wasn't Gutierrez's real crime having a fake ID?"

The officer who stopped Virginia thought her Mexican driver's license was not real. He would not let her drive her car and he had it impounded. She went to pick it up the next day and that is when she was detained and taken to MSCO.

She was placed in a holding cell: one open toilet, no toilet paper, many women also being placed in the holding cell. Some on minor charges and some heavy duty predators.

Her parents were not allowed to visit her. She had no contact with a lawyer. She was not allowed a bail. They spent four days "processing" her. Normally, a person is in a holding cell for a short time, usually less than a day. All the time, she was told if she would sing the papers to "voluntary deportation", they would take her to Nogales where she could apply for a visa. (They did not tell her it would automatically be refused!) If she did not sign, it would be months before her case would be heard.

She signed. They put her on a buss with the other deportees and drove them to the border and had them walk across into Mexico.

All she had with her was what she was wearing and what was in her purse when she went to pick up her car.

Her "crime" was being brought into the U.S. by her parents. She was raised as an Arizonian and was very successful at school. SHE did everything we hope our kids would do.

Looking ahead
Looking ahead

To Allan Cameron, Vasquez's former teacher, Chandler

Your comment was spot on. It's a shame to lose the future of Arizona as this aging state eats its young. Unfortunately Arizona is destroying it's future. It's aging legislators lack vision, are racist and bigoted and keep Arizona as a backwater state rooted in the days of slavery. Their legacy is a disgrace. Some fortunate country will take Vasquez.

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