I congratulate the advocates of this great cause and invite everyone to pressure their federal elected officials to show some courage and pass the DREAM Act.
Luis Avila, Phoenix

Questions for Oscar: I am curious about Oscar Vasquez's not using his degree from ASU, which has a reputation for producing fine engineers, and his notoriety to obtain an engineering position with some firm in Mexico.

Surely, Mexico has a great need for engineers, and he would be better able to support his family in the States with such a position. And would this also not make him a more attractive candidate for re-admittance to the States than picking beans or working as a manager at a factory?
Raymond Gross, Phoenix

He should be viewed as a role model: Oscar Vasquez wants to live near the border so his wife and daughter can drive from Phoenix to visit him at least once a month. They see this as a temporary situation until he receives an answer for his visa waiver appeal.

The State Department advises the answer can take 15 months, and the answer will very likely be negative. The decision has nothing to do with his worth or [this] country's need for engineers, but the "extreme hardship" on his wife and child.

He and his young family are considering moving to Europe, Canada, or Australia as a long-term solution.

So instead of living here and supporting his wife and daughter and contributing to the Arizona economy, he is "on hold" in Mexico. Because he lived in the United States without papers, he cannot apply for a visa for 10 years.

Instead of being banished, he should be on a Wheaties box as a role model for young people. We used to celebrate this kind of Horatio Alger character.
Allan Cameron, Vasquez's former teacher, Chandler

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Give me a break! Illegal mexicans are not stupid. They know how to come here, produce 6 kids that become automatic citizens that taxpayers pay for, receive free public service, and cry racism to anyone who wants to stop them. this country needs to have some b@lls and stop this now! I'll gladly pay more for produce etc. to have this country back. All you need to do is open your eyes in the welfare lines, the crowded ER's, schools, etc to see what these illegal aliens from mexico are doing to this country. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it is a illegal duck! People, if this makes you mad then actually do something about it and write your senators, mayors, etc. and tell them NO AMNESTY!Wonder if this even gets printed with the liberal News now a days.From Calexico

Emil Pulsifer
Emil Pulsifer

Regarding the insightful comment #2:

In fact, it's precisely because the presence of an undocumented alien is NOT a crime under federal law, but a civil matter, that those detained can be denied the legal rights that normally apply, even to heinous criminals. So, in simple point of fact, she wasn't even accused of a crime.

Allan Cameron
Allan Cameron

Coni, "Politzer insinuates that honor student Virginia Gutierrez was deported to Mexico for having a broken taillight. Wasn't Gutierrez's real crime having a fake ID?"

The officer who stopped Virginia thought her Mexican driver's license was not real. He would not let her drive her car and he had it impounded. She went to pick it up the next day and that is when she was detained and taken to MSCO.

She was placed in a holding cell: one open toilet, no toilet paper, many women also being placed in the holding cell. Some on minor charges and some heavy duty predators.

Her parents were not allowed to visit her. She had no contact with a lawyer. She was not allowed a bail. They spent four days "processing" her. Normally, a person is in a holding cell for a short time, usually less than a day. All the time, she was told if she would sing the papers to "voluntary deportation", they would take her to Nogales where she could apply for a visa. (They did not tell her it would automatically be refused!) If she did not sign, it would be months before her case would be heard.

She signed. They put her on a buss with the other deportees and drove them to the border and had them walk across into Mexico.

All she had with her was what she was wearing and what was in her purse when she went to pick up her car.

Her "crime" was being brought into the U.S. by her parents. She was raised as an Arizonian and was very successful at school. SHE did everything we hope our kids would do.

Looking ahead
Looking ahead

To Allan Cameron, Vasquez's former teacher, Chandler

Your comment was spot on. It's a shame to lose the future of Arizona as this aging state eats its young. Unfortunately Arizona is destroying it's future. It's aging legislators lack vision, are racist and bigoted and keep Arizona as a backwater state rooted in the days of slavery. Their legacy is a disgrace. Some fortunate country will take Vasquez.

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