Cowboy Junkies

Queer rodeo comes to town

There are so many advantages to being a homosexual. For example, same-sex male couples living together annually earn $130,000, which is almost eighty-percent above the U.S. household income. And think of the lesbians. Once their pheromones align, they have the convenience of getting their periods at the same time. They’re so lucky!

Seriously, though, gay and lesbian folks also have the chance to compete in the RoadRunner Regional Rodeo, which the Arizona Gay Rodeo Association will host at Rawhide. The event schedule includes a kick-off dinner on Friday night, which is then followed by two days of rodeo during the day and dancing at night.

And here’s a special bonus: Monday will feature a special after-rodeo show with none other than the fabulous Pussy LeHoot.

Feb. 12-14, 2010
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